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On Learn True Health, Ashley James interviews today's most successful natural healers each week. Learn True Health was created for YOU, the health enthusiast. If you are passionate about organic living or struggling with health issues and are looking to gain your health naturally, our holistic podcast is what you have been looking for! Ashley James interviews Naturopathic Doctors and expert holistic health care practitioners to bring you key holistic health information, results based advice and new natural steps you can take to achieve true health, starting NOW! If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you are fed up with prescription drug side effects, if you want to live in optimal health but you don't know where to start, this podcast is for you! If you are looking for ACTIONABLE advice from holistic doctors to get you on your path to healing, you will enjoy the wisdom each episode brings. Each practitioner will leave you with a challenge, something that you can do now, and each day, to measurably improve your health, energy, and vitality. Learn about new healing diet strategies, how to boost your immune system, balance your hormones, increase your energy, what supplements to take and why and how to experience your health and stamina in a new way. Ashley James from Learn True Health interviews doctors like Dr. Joel Wallach, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Oz, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Molly Niedermeyer on Naturopathic Medicine, Homeopathy, Supplements, Meditation, Holistic Health and Alternative Health Strategies for Gaining Optimal Health.
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Aug 26, 2016

An international best-selling author, speaker, physician & brain expert, Dr. Joanny Liu is an international leader in Chinese Sports Medicine & Chinese Sports Psychology. She has appeared FOX TV, NBC, CTV, & Global TV & has been quoted by ABC, CBS, the Boston globe and the Miami Herald.

"I was a practicing professional engineer for 24 years before going back to school for a several years to study acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I received my degree in engineering at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1979. I became a Doctor of Acupuncture and TCM in 2007 from the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I've written three books about concussions: Knock Out Concussions, Heal Your Concussion: 21 Days to Brain Health, and my recent best seller, Heal Your Concussion: How to Quickly and Effectively Get Back in the Game."

Complimentary gifts for listeners:
1. For those already suffering from concussion or Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS):

2. For those who feel they've been feeling unwell for a long time for unknown reasons: Perhaps they have a hidden brain injury!

3. If help is needed RIGHT now, then create an appointment for an initial consultation:

In this episode, Dr. Liu teaches about concussions and what to do about them!

She shares that, "Right now, most neurologists will freely admit that they have NO treatment for concussions. That's why there's all this emphasis on diagnosing it because they're actually veiling that fact and that's why people are scared! It's so untrue. diagnosis of a concussion is a common sense thing and so is treatment. They have all this great research about the brain, but because of the medical paradigm, they don't see the answers that are right in front of them. It's a major disservice to the suffering public."





Aug 26, 2016

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Aug 25, 2016

For Bradley Jarryd's full transformational story visit

Bradley Jarryd is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and health coach.

The Ultimate Smoothie Guide is a detailed blueprint about how to make muscle building, fat blasting, smoothies at home that cost a fraction of smoothie bars while saving you time. It is $9.99 on Amazon, but complimentary if you visit and fill out the brief form.

Bradley Jarryd primarily works as a health coach to help clients around the world create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle while reaching their fitness goals. He specializes in helping people achieve their weight loss goals and increase their energy levels.

"I am a huge advocate of making health and nutrition as enjoyable as possible. It should not be a chore to exercise and eat fruit and veggies. My story is that I always had a sweet tooth (still do) along with a humongous appetite (I easily complete 2 burrito bowls from Chipotle in one sitting) without an athletic background and had to find ways to get the body I have always wanted while working against these factors. Cheating exercise into everyday life, using positive affirmations and psychology and using spices instead of sauces as flavor enhancers are just a dew ways I was able to get there and is something I stress to my clients," Bradley shares.

In this podcast interview, Bradley Jarryd teaches us EVERYTHING we need to know about achieving our weight loss goals through smoothies.

He also talks about the importance of starting your day off right. "Your first 30 min-hour should be to meditate, listen/read something positive, and speak positive affirmations.

 For nutrition: download an app to track your nutrition and do it for a week. Exercise is great and important to overall health, but we will always need food until the day we die and honing in on your diet will do far more than exercise will.

Rid yourself of excuses. Excuses are only an attempt to feel ok about not accomplishing something. Whenever an excuse comes up like "I don't have time to exercise today," instead say to yourself "how can I find time to workout today?" This will force your brain to create solutions."

Aug 18, 2016

Caroline Blazovsky is nationally recognized as America’s Healthy Home Expert®. She is a media personality as well as being chosen as a leading health and safety professional in  AARP, 2016. With over 16 years experience, she is a council- certified Mold Remediator (CMR),  and Indoor Environmentalist(CIE)  with graduate Sustainable Design educational background from Boston Architectural College. She is also credentialed through the National Environmental Health Association as a Healthy Homes Specialist (HHS). Caroline is a member of the ACAC, NEHA, IAQA, as well as serving on the national IAQA Research Committee. She resides as President of My Healthy Home® LLC, a company specializing in indoor air quality products and services.  Additionally, she is enrolled in a medical graduate program at Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.


Consult with her on testing for contaminants in the home, reducing allergens & chemicals, improving indoor air and water quality, mold and using environmentally-friendly building materials and products. Learn more at ,  or 866-743-8563.



Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk PDF:


President's Cancer Panel: Environmentally caused cancers are 'grossly underestimated' and 'needlessly devastate American lives.'  

Aug 4, 2016

Dr. Patel has been practicing as a Medical Marijuana Doctor since 2012. In her consultations, she step-by-step walks patients through how to use medical marijuana for their particular medical conditions. She completed her medical studies at Touro University College of Medicine and her undergraduate studies in at Northwestern University. You can learn more about the work she does at

Dr. Patel has an e-mail series that addresses the most pressing concerns that patients have about medical marijuana. To receive Dr. Patel's emails please visit

Dr. Patel is obsessed with the healing effects of medical marijuana. If you have ANY questions you would like to ask Dr. Patel directly, you can visit her Facebook Fan page where she hosts an "Ask Me Anything Wednesday"

In this interview Dr. Patel Discusses:
- Why cannabis aids in pain reduction / elimination
-What combination of cannabinoids would work well for your particular medical condition
-how to select a medical marijuana product based on laboratory test results
-how to figure out how much, how often, and when to use medical marijuana
- What conditions improve when the patient uses proper doses of cannabis
- Why is cannabis an effective anti-inflammatory agent

Aug 1, 2016

Kevin Geary is the founder of and host of the Rebooted Body Podcast. He helps men and women finally get a body and life they love with his unique blend of real food nutrition, functional fitness, and behavior psychology. He currently has clients in over 30 countries around the world and is dedicated to the mission of changing the landscape of human health.

Eating & behavior psychology. Answering the question, "why do I struggle to align my behavior with my good intentions?"

1) Antagonism vs Amity: Why the advice you choose to follow might be causing you to fail.

2) Cravings---in the context of what's really important---aren't what you think they are. We need to reframe the way we think about cravings.

3) Most people struggle to stay consistent because their behavior is being manipulated by biological, psychological, and social triggers to an extent that they can't even fathom.