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Dec 14, 2023

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515: Tapping into Earth’s Frequency: Ancient Wisdom Meets EMF Stress Relief


Unlock the secrets of electromagnetic fields and their impact on our health as Ashley James, your devoted guide, navigate the terrain of modern technology with Justin Frandson, a seasoned athletic performance coach. This episode peels back the curtain on the unseen effects of gadgets we trust for well-being, revealing how they may inadvertently disrupt our body's functions. We don't just stop at problems; Justin brings forth a groundbreaking solution, offering a natural escape from the silent storm of oxidative stress through grounding bags that encapsulate the Earth's healing frequency.



  • Natural Solution for EMF Protection
  • Impact of Grounding Bags on Health
  • Benefits of Earthing and Grounding Mats
  • Discussion on EMF Exposure and Solutions
  • Effects of EMF on Human Health
  • EMF Sensitivity and Heavy Metal Detox
  • Grounding Bags and Faraday Bags
  • Transforming Health Through Non-Toxic Living
  • The Impact of Electric Cars
  • Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation


Hello True Health Seeker and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health podcast. Today we have with us an amazing guest. He's been an athletic coach to both professional and non-professional athletes for over 25 years and early on, as he was helping athletes to become the healthiest and best versions of themselves, he noticed that EMF exposure affected them, and a lot of athletes will wear these smartwatches and devices to monitor their heart rate and monitor their vitals and everything that they can see to squeeze out more efficiency in themselves as the athletic machine that they're creating themselves to be, in themselves as the athletic machine that they're creating themselves to be. And he noticed that all this EMF exposure to cell phones and electric vehicles and all the devices they were wearing was harming them, was actually suppressing their body's functions. We talk about some of these suppressions like that our mitochondria, the part of our cell that makes cellular energy, is affected by exposure to EMF. So my guest today discovered a natural solution that really rocks. I got to tell you I've had a lot of fun with the puns on this one. This is a technology that's 100% natural. I call it a technology because we're using it and applying it in a certain way. That would be considered a technology, in that we're using something from nature, applying it to help solve a problem, and this problem is exposure to EMF and also helping us to ground. 

I have several episodes with experts and doctors talking about the excess electrons that build up in our body when we don't spend time touching the earth. A lot of us do not touch the earth. Can you remember the last time you had your feet or your hands right on soil? We don't. We wear insulated shoes and drive around in insulated cars and live in insulated homes, and we very rarely touch the earth. So we build up these excess electrons in our body that are doing oxidative stress and free radical damage to us, increasing inflammation throughout the body. And using this all-natural solution today that we're discussing, you'll be able to protect yourself and your family from electromagnetic radiation and help them to release these excess electrons safely, healthfully. 

I love that it's 100% natural and it's super easy. You don't need electricity, you don't need to plug it into something and it protects you. It protects you from the EMF from cell phones, from computers, from Wi-Fi, and, at the same time, is helping us do earthing or grounding. If you want to check it out and get it for yourself. You can go to That's I got us a discount so you can use coupon code LTH. I love it when my guests do that for us. 

A few episodes ago, I had announced that I was writing a book and I am still writing the book. It's taking a bit longer than expected, unfortunately. I was hoping it would be published for Christmas, but my ultimate goal was that it would be published before January so that everyone could use it for their New Year's resolutions. This has been such an exciting journey. I've loved, loved writing this book because it's all the advice that I help my clients with, all the foundations of health, done in a really fun way that helps you to build health habits for the rest of your life. So keep an eye out, keep an ear out, listening for updates on that. It's going to be available very soon. I'm really, really looking forward to sharing it with you guys. Awesome, make sure you join the Learn True Health Facebook Group for updates. You can also go to and join the email list. I send out just a few emails a month. I promise not to spam you. I'll definitely be sending an email about my book, so be sure to check that out as well. Thank you so much for being a listener and sharing this podcast with those you care about. If you have an athlete in your life, if you have someone in your life who is worried about EMF exposure, or someone who's in pain or has problems sleeping, this helps with so many of these issues. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you guys how you experience this product and how it helps you in your life. Have yourself a fantastic rest of your day and enjoy today's interview. 

Ashley James (0:04:42.430)

Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I'm your host, Ashley James. This is episode 515. I am so excited for today's guest. We have a really interesting interview ahead of us. I just have a feeling we're going to have a lot of fun today. 

Justin Frandson, who is an athleticism performance coach and author and a waterman. He's introduced me to something that I did not think it was going to go this way, so just absolutely did not. When I first was introduced to Justin a few weeks ago by a mutual friend, a colleague that I highly respect, I was incredibly skeptical. I have to admit, when I read the email and looked into you, and I think it actually took me a week to reply because I sat with it and it's so out there, right. But then you know, I'm the biggest open-minded skeptic. So the skeptic took over and this just sounds crazy. And then the open-mindedness started melting in, but what if it's true? What if it is true? Okay, fine, it doesn't hurt to have a conversation. So I told you in the email, I'm a big open-minded skeptic. And I got to tell you like the little alarm bells are going off in my head, like this sounds whack, job, right. But you said there's a lot of science and studies behind it. And also I really trust the person that introduced us and they wouldn't have introduced me to something that was a scam, right, or something that was crazy. But coming into this whole conversation, I'm like how am I going to introduce this to my listeners? Like, hey, I want you to go buy this bag of rocks. And this isn't woo-woo, this isn't like crystal licking, this is not. I mean, and I love my new age brothers and sisters, but this isn't that. This is not I'm not asking you to you know be new age. This is grounded in a ton of science and studies. So, anyway, you sent me this bag of rocks. It's, it is actually. There's a purpose behind it. It's to help with EMF. 

And we opened the box and we grabbed the bag and I felt like the closest thing I could describe is I felt like I was in the middle of a thunderstorm, like the electricity in the air changed and I got lightheaded, but not in a bad way, like I wouldn't have fallen over anything. I just noticed like, wow, I'm feeling something. I'm feeling something incredible. Like if you had hooked me up to a device and turned on like a tens unit, but over my whole body, I would have believed you. But all I was doing was holding this bag of rocks. I'm like, this is wild, I'm feeling this. 

And I sat down, I drank some water and that that almost like just before lightheaded feeling went away. But it left the air charged and I felt more energized. And what I noticed almost immediately is I felt highly motivated and I actually ran back upstairs, got in the office and started working and I was just like, oh, I'm so motivated, I feel so good and I thought that's really interesting because I didn't do much with the bag other than like hold it for a minute and like talk about it with my husband, and I'll get to what I did wrong next. But I want to tell you the rest of the story. But I haven't even let you say hi. So, by the way, welcome to the show, Justin. 

Justin Frandson (0:08:26.550)

Oh Ashley, thanks for having me on. Keep going, I love the intro.

Ashley James (0:08:31.332)

Okay. Okay. So we take the bag and we've been feeling the effects of it. The whole time I'm going, I've got to tell my listeners, but how am I going to tell them? You got to try this bag of rocks. So we we put it by. We had it in our office all day, where we have all our electronics, right. We have multiple computers, 3d printer, the sauna and, the Wi-Fi, everything. We actually try to hardwire everything, but we do have Wi-Fi for some things and it just felt like it changed the energy of the office, which is really neat. 

Then we slept with it, not like hugging or anything. We put it beside our bed and we can't put it under our bed because we're on this antique oak thing that has drawers, and so we just put it up past the headboard, really close to our heads, but near us, and my husband, who has been recently snoring more than usual and waking me up, and then I tell him to roll over, and what I thought was so interesting is he went into a deep sleep and he didn't snore all night long and I woke up the next day going wait a second, I wasn't woken up all night with snoring, like that's cool. And my husband woke up, went whoa, I slept so deep last night, like that's neat. And I was talking about how well we've got to go lend this bag to so-and-so who has insomnia, and he's like I don't want to be without the bag. I want to sleep with it again tomorrow night and again tonight. So we've slept with it for a few nights. Every night has been deeper. My husband's snoring no longer wakes me up. I thought that was really interesting. 

If only for like the snoring, I would have bought this bag of rocks. If you told me I put a bag of rocks by your husband and he stopped snoring, I would have been, okay, I'm sold, but how neat is that deeper sleep. And I've got the bag right here and I'm holding it and I just get this like charge, like this feeling like it's something shifted. And so I want to dive into the amazing results, the clinicals or studies or whatever you've got. You told me you've got studies. You told me you got science. I want to hear it, but I did do something wrong, so here's my confession. 

When I was really excited opening my package, there was a smaller bag. It's like this little tiny bag that fits in your pocket, I guess, maybe just to carry around for EMF protection. And I didn't read any of the instructions. I just thought you're supposed to hold the rocks in your hands. So I opened the bag and then I proceeded to open the second bag that was the EMF bag or the Faraday bag, and then I opened the plastic bag inside and I held the rocks, and that might have been why I felt a little dizzy at first. And then my husband's reading over the instructions and it's like he said it says to not open the bag. I'm like oh. 

So my husband's like he really wants you to explain why not open the bag, and that's something you can tell us at some point. But I hope everyone is wondering. What I'm wondering is like what's up with this bag of rocks? How did you even get involved in this? Because again, I was very skeptical, like this guy makes a living selling people rocks right, and I mean, it's rocks you can't even look at cause they're in a bag, but they have an amazing impact on your health. So, yes, please tell us more about this bag of rocks. 

Justin Frandson (0:12:09.628)

Well, Ashley, you're so spot on and as skeptical as you were, I was the same way when I found out about how the rocks are deployed, the way they're deployed and how they work that way. And I was just going, Hey, this doesn't make sense. This doesn't make sense. But then all of a sudden I started using them, bring them into our home. The biggest thing that we saw at our home.

My wife was going through early menopause and she had night sweats and would wake up every night for three months and her menstrual cycle stopped for three months straight. And then once we loaded the house up with some grounding bags, everything normalized in her cycle return. And that's when I knew we had something really, really special, like more so than, oh, me just saying, oh, I slept great, which is huge in its own right.

Ashley James (0:12:59.786)

That's so cool. So grounding bags is probably easier to better portray it. Then just like go buy this magic box bag of rocks. It's a special kind of rock. It's not just any kind of rock when I opened that bag, which I shouldn't have, but when I opened the bag and looked at them, I'm like, I've never seen this mineral before. I don't recognize it. It's very interesting. So, tell us more about what it is. How does it work?

Justin Frandson (0:13:29.274)

So the same skepticism Ashley that you had I actually had to. And when I found out about these was from a doctor working with his patients and treating EMF electromagnetic field sensitivities, from non-native EMFs with these crystals, and I was working with another product that had crystals and copper in it, and I developed a reputation in Newport Beach, not only with working with athletes, but also going into homes and seeing the health of someone's home, and that was just huge because you got to check the environment and see how toxic it is and that because it directly affects our health. And so he had these crystals. 

We ended up bringing them into our home. My wife at the time was going through some early menopause and so her menstrual cycle stopped and she had night sweats and wasn't sleeping for literally three months straight and the cycle stopped for three months, and so we brought the crystals into our world and into our home and everything normalized. Her cycle returned after three months, and that's when I knew we had something really, really special.

And so I asked the doc. I said, hey, can I bring these to market? Are you going to bring it to market? He says, go for it. He was about to retire and he didn't want to get shut down anyways because this is a hot topic. And so we ended up bringing the crystals to market and they are really special. It's just not just any rock that you can go grab outside and bring into your home. 

Most of those have the human resonance. They have the healing pulse of the earth in it because it's earth's resonance outside. But ours have moisture properties with the magnetic, and the combination between the two of those, Ashley, is unbelievable for EMF protection. And you have to keep them sealed because they'll end up drying out over a period of time. And that's why no one's ever seen them or used them for EMF protection. It's because when they would mine them they would turn to dust over a period of time. So they do have a resonance. We call it the Schumann Resonance. It's that healing pulse of the earth, the magnetic properties with the moisture, is what makes them so exponentially powerful for electromagnetic radiation protection. 

Ashley James (0:16:13.331)

Got it. So that's the reason why you shouldn't open the bag. Cause it's the moisture that's escaping. So I'm going to reseal them and then it'll all be good. I'm kind of glad I opened it cause I got to see what they looked like. And I'm like, I've never seen these, these are a type of rock I've never seen before. So that was pretty interesting cause it wasn't like you're just going out in the garden and ha ha, I'm going to sell them a bag of rocks. No, it feels like I'm hooked up to a machine, like some kind of frequency device when I'm holding these and you have a whole system of how to use them or you tap them. Can you explain what happens when we tap the bag?

Justin Frandson (0:16:56.585)

Definitely. So we're taking the Earth's resonance, which is a natural field. It's a natural electromagnetic field. And we're bringing it into our environment to create a coherence between us and all the non-native wave forms in our environment. So there's definitely protocols that we recommend we go through. And the way we use them is you put one on your bed, you'll sleep up to three to 60% deeper. And so let me lean into the studies here because those are big numbers. I mean, 3% accumulated over a period of time is huge. 

Dr. Rodney White, his deep sleep was really disrupted. He was at 45 minutes consistently for forever. Like he's never been able to find an EMF protection product that can get it above that and he brought the grounding bags into his bed and you put it on or under your bed, just as long as it's touching the bed, you're good to go. He did a sleep test for three months straight. He couldn't believe it. He just kept testing it and the grounding bags allowed him to go from 45 minutes to a hundred minutes for three months straight. And when it dropped 5%, he would take it at the grounding bag outside every month and then recharge it for about 10 to 20 minutes by putting it out on the lawn outside. And that was it. That's all he needed to do is a passive test and his deep sleep improved about 60% consistently. And that's a third party independent doctor test. Dr. Barre Lando, he has Alfa Vedic, A-L-F-A-V-E-D-I-C. If you don't know him, I'm going to introduce you because you guys will love connecting. And he is absolutely brilliant. Actually, he's one of the most brilliant guys on the planet, huge voice in the health space. And he has these dual impedance antennas.

And so he measures your chi and as Bruce Lipton will say, your health lies in your chi and the chemistry in your body is secondary. So he measures the chi and any distortion and it can tell him exactly what's going on with you. What's wrong with your health. He’s the grounding bags. He tested, they clinically passively treated up to 91% of the markers that were off from EMF, which is huge, the lowest was 67% and she was the youngest in the field. And then her thymus was decharged. So the tapping protocol that I had you do where you take the bag and you put it, you know, over your chest, upper chest and tap on it. If we would have done that with her, I have a feeling the results would have been even higher on the way for him, but because it was a passive test, he didn't do that. It wasn't me doing it. It was all him.

So the grounding bags have just some incredible merit from a doctor's testing just outside of what the market's really shown to do and how well they work.

Ashley James (0:20:25.770)

So a few years ago, I interviewed Clint Ober, who I'm sure you know who Clint Ober is since you're in the earthing or grounding space, Episode 366. He has a really interesting story. He was hanging out in Sedona and he was watching these tourists get off the bus and he just had this aha moment because he looked at every single person wears rubber sold shoes, so they're insulated. And we're all driving around in insulated cars because the wheels are rubber..

And then we go into a house and largely where our lives are insulated and almost never do we ever touch the earth. And so he went back to his hotel room. He got a device that you can get at Home Depot to measure your voltage or your Watts or like, I don't know, I don't know anything about electric electricity, but basically measure your electrical potential versus the earth potential. And what he saw was that his body, which should be at earth potential, wasn't. And he thought, oh, this is interesting. I can't remember if he put it out the window or put it into the ground of the electrical outlet beside him, but he like taped it to his body.

And then the next day he slept with it. The next day he could have just went out and, slept on a rock. But I mean, he already paid for this hotel room, so why not?

And the next day he tested himself and he saw he was at earth potential and he felt good. And he thought, I wonder if there's something here. And he went up and down the coast, all the universities trying to get the professors to do studies on this. And they'll kind of laughed at him. And then he finally found some professors cause he funded it. He just was super interested in this concept of what would happen to the human physiology if we all took the time to get to earth potential to release the excess electrons that are built up in the body. 

Could this be man made, based on our lifestyle, man made free radicals that are bombarding our DNA, causing further inflammation in addition to the crap diet that Americans and now the rest of the world eat largely unless you're a health nut like you and I and our listeners?

And he finally found some professors that would do it and he invested in, I think it was 26 studies and they found like there was people with MS who went from being in pain in wheelchairs to like being out of pain and walking, because of how much this lowered their inflammation. And he just got super excited, but he invented these mats and everything. And the mats are kind of cumbersome. I got to tell you, you can't take them everywhere with you. You're only using it like in your in your bed or you're only using it in your office. And I liked the one in my office, but I found that the one in the bed, although my husband would sleep good, I felt like I was being hooked up to electricity. Like I just felt kind of a bit more jittery. And so I found that using the grounding mats were more of a daytime thing for me, not a nighttime thing. I didn't get the same feeling from your bag of rocks. From your grounding bag, I did not have that same jittery feeling when the mat was hooked up to the ground of the electrical outlet.

And I just wonder if it's because it's more natural, right? So, but I did interview Clint Ober. So it's a good interview for people who want to learn more about earthing and grounding in general. Cause you can also put your feet outside. But I was talking to a client the other day. I'm like, just go walk in the grass and she's like, but it's cold outside. I'm like, listen, just do it. And she goes, yes, I felt really good, but like, you have to do that every day. You got to go barefoot every day as much as possible. That might be nice if you're in Southern California, but like I'm from the North and we're not barefoot six months of the year.

And we're hardly as humans ever touching getting back to earth potential. And the question is, how long do you have to earth? Like do earthing, do you have to do it for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, how many times a day do you have to do it to maintain those results, right? And then I also have an interview, Episode 402 with Dr. Steven Sinatra on the heart health benefits of earthing or grounding. So I like the bag of rocks. What I like about it, this specific EMF rocks are, you can take them everywhere. It's super, super easy. You don't have to plug it into an outlet. I like that. Tell us a bit about how did it change the air in the room? Because it changes the entire atmosphere. Like it mellows everything out. I don't even have to be touching the bag but I have it in the office and I have been more productive in the last few days with this bag in the office than I have in months. It just shifts things. Is it because just by being in this room with me, it's protecting me from the EMF? Like, can you just explain this more?

Justin Frandson (0:25:53.671)

Definitely. Well, first off, Ashley, you have a gift, obviously, and the gift of awareness and the gift of feeling energy. And not everyone can feel the energy like you do and that shift in your environment. So some people call it a sensitivity, which it could be as well because we had to do some clearing with you on the tapping of it.

And, I too have that sensitivity, but it's more of a gift and awareness. And I'm so glad you brought up Clint Ober's name and his book Earthing, cause I give him so much gratitude for bringing this concept to the masses. I mean, he was the guy that really put it on the map and said, Hey, everybody, you got to get grounded by nature and get outside because that's how you heal and get rid of inflammation. And here are all these studies that go along with it. And I'm with you. I agree. I love his information. And just as I love Dr. Mercola's information on EMF and he wrote a book called EMF and the information spot on, but their products just aren't unfortunately, and when you're plugging something into the grid or to the electrical grid,

Remember, electricity doesn't travel in through the wires. It actually travels around the outside of them. So even though it's on a grounding plug, which is the bottom one, it's still getting all the electricity from the source. So you're literally charged to the level of the outlet, even though it's going to the ground outside. It's just too much. Electricity and technology is awesome for healing.

And we have to understand that when you use PEMF or sound beds, I use bioharmonic technology as Dr. Steven Schwartz, like one of my favorite products. So I'm on a sound bed. It's like you're inside of a speaker and the frequencies coming out of there are just so medicinal. I go into theta brainwave state just instantly. The list goes on and on. There's so much electricity out there.

When you use that, it's great for your body to jumpstart it and to kick it into healing mode. But when you're attempting to do that for EMF protection 24-7, it's a futile effort. You can't use electricity or plug something into it or manufacture a resonance to create a coherence. People are attempting to do it and they're marketing it as that it can, butI lean it back and ask the question, hey Ashley, do you like eating genetically modified food?

Ashley James (0:28:51.480)

No thanks.

Justin Frandson (0:28:52.216)

No way, none of us do. So why would we want a modified resonance in our environment? That's the net of it. So you asked how the crystals work. Well, there's this thing called the Schumann Resonance. It's the healing pulse of the earth and it's about 7.3 Hertz or waves per second. That's what the frequency is.

That's what we're putting in, that's what the earth has and where we've just captured a really special part of the earth with our coiloidal crystals that have moisture magnetic properties that can carry that frequency and help with EMF protection. When you bring that bag of crystals into your home, what it does is it creates a coherence between you and your environment. And we live in these homes, we call them homes, but they're actually electrical boxes, literally since 1889. We've put electricity in our homes. And before that, the flu, they called the flu the flu because it would fly in and fly out with solar flares. And not until electricity was put into the home was the flu here to stay. I mean, that's a huge, huge point. So even low-level EMF is affecting our bodies and everything, diabetes, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular, every major health challenge has gone up on the bar graph, like crazy. And obviously diabetes kind of took the cake, but I feel it's more of electromagnetic sensitivity and it jumped up so high because all the manufactured fake foods. But these resonances, they affect our body in such a huge way. And so that's part of the whole concept of understanding that when you can go outside into nature, you're going to be able to create a coherence. When you can bring the resonance of nature into your home, it's innately and naturally the most quantum natural way you could do it, create that coherence within your environment of your home or bedroom or office.

Ashley James (0:31:09.840)

What you just said reminded me of when I interviewed Arthur Firstenberg, who is the author of The Invisible Rainbow. That is a really good book and I highly recommend everyone read it. It’s thick, man. It's probably three and a half, four inches thick. It's a big book from what I remember. But the first chapter captured me so much. I had requested he be on the show. I hadn't even finished the first chapter yet. I'm like, this is amazing. And he outlines, he studied the history of electricity and I was blown away because what's really interesting is we've been using electricity for a lot longer than a hundred years especially in medicine. And so he talks about the history of how we've used frequency and electricity for a long time. There's good aspects around it, but he shows you just after that leap in technology, there was a major epidemic or pandemic.

So he came on the show Episode 445. And he talks about when we first went to 1G, like when we went from analog, it was in the 90’s. I think it was with ‘95 or ‘98. I can't remember the exact time, but it was the first time they turned on the switch in Manhattan and there was like a mini pandemic only in Manhattan. Nowhere else in the world. And all these health problems happened overnight the second they turn on that switch. And so you could clearly see it's like we're guinea pigs, right? And who's to say this is healthy, right? The FCC, right? Oh yes, so cell phones are healthy. And now we see that if you hold the cell phone to your head for three minutes, you're cooking your brain.

I never hold a cell phone to my head. You know, it's so damaging and we're going to see it a few years. I just know it. We're going to see. They'll finally we have studies coming out showing the damaging effects of having Bluetooth devices on our body or by our head, having cell phones on our person at all times, they already have this information, but it's not like super mainstream yet kind of like back when they did bloodletting with leeches, that was real popular. And they used lead and mercury in medicine and that was super popular. And then they used x-rays like willy nilly, like you could go into a shoe store and get your foot x-rayed every time you tried on a shoe to see if the shoe fit your foot.

Until they realize oh, that's damaging too. Oh, lead in gasoline, super healthy for you, right? Lead in everything until they finally realize that it's unhealthy. So we have a lot of devices. The thing is we have to remember that just because you bought it in the store doesn't mean it's safe. There's no vetting process. We are constantly being exposed to things that are just killing us. And companies get to make these products. They get to make products that hurt us.

They think they're going to get away with it. They don't look into the safety studies. There's companies largely are not ethical. It's up to the consumer to do their own due diligence. So that device you have in your pocket every day that you're scrolling on could be doing a lot of damage. And one of my guests, I can't remember which one, it might've been Dr. Steven Sinatra said that was really interesting. When you hold a cell phone, the mitochondria go to sleep. Wherever the cell phone is nearby. So if you're holding in your hand the cells of your hand, the mitochondria, they just go nighty night they go to sleep. And if you're holding it by your head, you now you're getting the 5000 mitochondria per cell to take a nap of for your brain. Your brain cells are not getting the necessary food they need.  It's just wild that we're being bombarded by this electromagnetic radiation, all these different frequencies, we have no idea what they're all doing to us. And especially when we mix them all together, like how many Wi-Fi signals and cell phone towers are all coming at us, right? And I used to live out in the country where you couldn't get cell reception and man, did I sleep good. Or anytime there's a notice when there's a power outage, as long as you're not worried about the power outage, right?

You sleep so good or go camping, right? You sleep so good when all the wifi shut off and all the cell towers are shut off or you're away from them. You're somewhere in the middle of nowhere. You sleep so good. So, you know, how many people are taking meds to mask the symptoms that EMF exposure is causing? So anyways, I want to talk more about the solution than the problem, but I think it's really poignant that we point out that there's a lot we don't know. Because it's invisible, we think it's safe.

Justin Frandson (0:36:22.958)

Yes, exactly. And let me share why you don't sleep with EMF.

Sound good?

Ashley James (0:36:29.164)

Yes, let's do it.

Justin Frandson (0:36:30.500)

Let's talk about this EMF stuff, Ashley, in a wave per second, because that's how we measure it. When you go to buy a meter, a EMF meter, electromagnetic field or frequency meter, the specific meters are designed to measure the speed of a wave length. So if you get a milligas meter, it's going to meter 50 to 60 Hertz or waves per second.

If you get a Stetzer electric meter, S-T-E-T-Z-E-R,, it's about 140 bucks, you plug it in the wall. That'll meter any static in the line, any dirty electricity in the 4,000 do about a hundred thousand waves per second spectrum. When you get an acoustometer, a one-directional wireless meter, it doesn't have to be one-directional. I like those, but they're measuring 50 million to billions of waves per second. And just to clarify, 5G is 60 to 90 gigahertz or billion waves per second. 

When we're sleeping, Ashley, our brainwaves state, we're in a delta or theta brainwave state. Our brainwaves states are one or below 1 to 8 hertz or waves per second. 1 or below 1 to 8. When our athletes are in the flow state with athleticism, they can't miss. Everyone calls it, they're in the zone. They're in an alpha brainway state about 8 to 12 Hertz or waves per second. Remember the Schumann Resonance of the earth, the healing pulse of the earth, 7.83 Hertz or waves per second. We rev one with the universe. 

Now the difference is this other stuff, it's way faster, but not only that, they're one directional wave forms or they don't work. So they end up being polarizing on our body. And that is the essence of the difference between us and non-native EMFs. They're not made the same as we are. And the most simple explanation, Ashley, is when you drop a pebble into a pond, does the wave splash of the pebble going into the water go in a circular direction equally in every direction, or does it go in a straight line to the right or left?

Ashley James (0:39:06.345)

Oh, yes. Yes, that nice, beautiful circular ripple.

Justin Frandson (0:39:10.611)

Why is that? Okay, that is because it's an unpolarized wave. It's the foundational framework of our entire living collective intelligence matrix of a universe and how we're one with the universe. We're also built on unpolarized waves. They distribute equally in every direction. It's not a one-directional waveform. They're called scalar waves. That's a framework for every waveform resonance on earth.

My energy field. they say, hey, stay six feet. Our biofield goes out about 6 to 8 feet from everybody all around us. It's not straight out of my right ear. You have to stay six feet away from my right ear, but it's not a one directional waveform. I'm not standing in the Schumann Resonance and getting grounded in one spot of the beach or the park and then step over the right and I'm not getting grounded in the other spot. It's not a one spot. It's a resonance that's unpolarized, that's everywhere, distributes equally in every direction. And so let me just stop there and then I'll go into the waves and particles and our atmosphere next.

Ashley James (0:40:25.190)

Okay, cool. Yes, the Schumann Resonance, super interesting. Episode 445, Arthur Firstenberg, he touched on that. And what's interesting, and I've heard this before, that when astronauts started going outside of Earth, they would start getting sick because they were not part of the Schumann Resonance anymore. We can't hear it because it's always there, right? It's ubiquitous with our life, we're all bathed in it. But when you leave the earth, you're no longer bathed in it. And we start getting sick, which makes sense. So we're separating ourselves from this Schumann Resonance when we insulate our lives, never touch the earth, and then surround ourselves with totally different frequencies that are drowning it out.

And no wonder, like in the book Invisible Rainbow, he outlines so many of these diseases that have risen. We can say physiologically like I see the clogged artery over here. I had an expert on my show who's a research cardiologist, he's the one that discovered the beginning of heart disease started 30 years before.

And it all starts with the inflammation. Well, what's causing the inflammation, right? Go even further. And with the studies that Clint Ober funded, we can see that by getting back to earth potential, we've removed the excess electrons that are causing the damage. So that's just on that level we're not even talking about. Now take it one step further and protect ourselves from these waves, right? The waves of these unnatural, non-native EMF waves that were constantly being bathed in from cell towers and all the electronics we're surrounded by. So back to the bag of rocks. The skeptic in me is going, alright, come on, tell us how the bag of rocks helps us because it's a bag of rocks. But seriously, I feel amazing when it's around. So, just by being in the room, how is it helping prevent EMF exposure?

Justin Frandson (0:42:52.766)

Because you're bringing nature's resonance into your home to create a coherence between you and your environment. And obviously there's some EMF in your environment that is a little strong for your biofield to take. And so you see it chemistry wise. And the person who said that your mitochondria gets disrupted right out of the gates is exactly right. Dr. Martin Paul of Washington State University talks about the voltage gated calcium channels breaking down. Let's break down those four words.

Those are voltage gated. That's a gateway for your mitochondria to get energy for your body. It's so simple. So right out of the gate, it disrupts our cellular health, our mitochondria function, where we get energy and it's an oxidative stress. It destructures water. It calcifies your pineal gland. So you're not going to get in those lucid dreams and be able to go into those more awareness states.

That's what we do every day is to help everyone learn and through experiences and getting out into nature to raise their level of consciousness. All that stuff is disrupted through EMF. And then it goes into more of the cognitive stuff. So you get into the lack of memory, focus, anxiety, more behavioral challenges, fatigue, stress, headaches, ringing in the ears.

Those are all level one EMS sensitivity. So we see it in such a broad spectrum. There's level two and three, which I'll get into in a little bit, but this stuff is a stressor. We don't typically see air, right? Unless you're in LA and it's all polluted. You don't see air. So you don't see these wave forms, but let's talk about our air.

Our air is ether or plasma waves and particles travel through it. That's how you're in Washington. I am in Southern California. We're able to communicate and have this awesome conversation that everyone's going to be able to hear across the world. So it's through wave forms and the wave forms traveling through this air, which is, particles and waves and when there's a shift in that, our bodies adapt. And as Arthur Firstenberg says in The Invisible Rainbow, before 1889, when there were a lot of people that got sick, it was from solar flares or cosmic shifts in our electromagnetic blanket of an atmosphere. And then once electricity hit our home, the flu was here to stay and then we had shifts where people adapted to bigger electrifications of non-native waveforms. So 1918, Spanish flu, they also introduced radio waves right at that same timeframe. So that's why a lot of people all around the world, even back then when they couldn't travel, they would get the same symptoms. Their bodies were naturally adapting to that frequency, that challenge, that new environment. And I have a flow chart from Dr. Darren Weissman. He developed the system called the Lifeline Technique, and he uses infinite love and gratitude to clear the body. And in his flow chart, one of the healing modalities is you go into waves and particles, or particles and waves, and it directly affects your REM patterns is the next thing.

So we know like even doctors that had no bearing on EMF, it's in their modality, their healing charts. And if it's cosmic or manmade, our bodies are still adapting at the level we're capable of when there's these big shifts. Then you had radio waves, then you had satellites, and then you had radar, World War II, and then what did we have last several years? And keep having, 5G. And they keep adding and adding and turning it up. And so when a lot of people get sick, it's too much of it. Like you fly in an airplane, there's so much EMF. I have clients that their glucose levels spike 200 points and they get a bloody nose instantly from flying an airplane. So we know that this invisible environment affects us. And we know that nature is designed to create a coherence when we can bring her resonance into our environment. Then the question is how much of it, how much of the earth's resonance do we need in our environment and what we've seen in the test show and we sell our grounding bags through doctor clinics all around the country. So that's where they're sold exclusively through. And there's protocols to dealing with it. So five grounding bags together will clear a 2000 square feet space. One is about 70 feet, and then you want it touching the source. So you want it on your bed or desk or car seat. If someone has solar, we want seven grounding bags together to clear 2000 square feet, because solar, they haven't figured out how to ground it. They just haven't, and it caused lots of static in the line. So every home that I've metered over the last decade that has solar has really high levels of dirty electricity. Then you go into the electric car thing, which is, ugh, it's insane. It's the most ridiculous product that's ever been made. Sitting on a massive battery is not good for your health. Pharma can't even make that up. It never will be and that's what they're deploying for families. And that causes 18% lower testosterone as guys and girls driving electric cars. So we got to look at our environment.

Ashley James (0:49:20.573)

Wow. I know people who feel sick when they get into electric vehicles. I have a friend who felt like his skin was on fire, like fire ants were biting him when he got into a Tesla. And we all have different ranges of our tolerance level, kind of like alcohol, right? You have that friend who could drink you under the table. Then, there's people like me, I don't drink alcohol for this reason, but half a beer. And I'm dancing on the table with the lamp shade on my head. So, I actually was a bartender when I was 19. A fun story. I loved having jobs as a kid. And so as early as I could back up in Canada, where I'm from, you can legally be a bartender at 19. I wasn't like doing it like under the table or anything but every summer I had summer jobs. Absolutely loved it.

I worked in so many industries, I learned so much, it was so much fun for me. And so as a bartender, I looked around and I'm like, I don't really tolerate alcohol that well, but then like having to babysit drunk people, not for me, definitely didn't want to drink alcohol, but watching people's alcohol tolerance is a really interesting observation to then correlate that to other tolerances like pain. Everyone has heard of different pain level tolerances and an EMF tolerance. And so you can have someone who could drive a Tesla and they're like, I don't feel anything. I feel great. I love my Tesla and I don't care that my testosterone is plummeted. And other people they get in one and they start feeling really sick. 

I did an interview a few years ago with Kellyann Andrews. She has an amazing ionic foot spa that removes heavy metals from your body, significant amounts of it. She was at the library and a woman is walking with a cane. And all of a sudden her legs just stop working. She falls to the ground like a marionette who had her strings cut. And Kellyanne is a nurse. So she runs over and she's helping this woman.

And the woman says, I don't know what happened. I'm really sensitive to EMF exposure. And, that's why I walk with a cane and usually my muscles stop working when I'm near EMF, but I'm not near any, and Kellyanne looked and walked around the desk that she had walked by and there was all the computer banks hidden right behind this desk or wall or something that this woman had walked by. And so Kellyanne brought her back to her house and gave her these treatments with the ionic foot spa called the platinum energy system.

And the woman left her cane at Kellyanne's house and Kellyanne had to chase after her running to her car saying, you forgot your cane, you forgot your cane. And the woman's like, oh my gosh, you're right. Wow, I feel a lot stronger. And so she proceeded to do more of these treatments and got all the heavy metals out of her and then she stopped being as sensitive. 

Well, when I had Dr. Klinghardt on the show, he talks about how we are more sensitive to EMFs when we have heavy metal toxicity. And who doesn't these days, if you've ever had a vaccine, you've had a heav metal of some kind put in you. But if you've eaten tuna or if you've eaten any kind of a large fish, if you drank from cans and I don't know, I grew up around lead paint. I have been dealing for years, very slowly, healthfully, gradually getting rid of my heavy metal toxicity. And every time I see a naturopath about it, they always look at my labs and look at me and go, did you grow up in a factory? Were you mining coal? Why do you have these? I'm like, I don't know. I think everyone has different levels of detox. So even if you didn't grow up near a factory, you're breathing in, it's in our air, it's in our food. Heavy metals are just part of life of this modern toxic life. And some people detox better than others. But if you have an accumulation of heavy metals, then they vibrate at the same frequency as the microwaves and the wifi, and they're vibrating in your brain and they're vibrating in your cells, and it's causing havoc. And so people who walk near the EMF, it's like it triggers all this metal inside their body that's now vibrating, and then they have these big symptoms, right? Whereas someone who's really clean and their body have safe levels of heavy metals or they have no heavy metals.

They seem to have a higher tolerance for how much EMF they can handle before they start to notice it. But EMF is unhealthy regardless of if you feel it or not. And that's something really important to remember because it's invisible. And if you don't feel it, you're less likely to do anything about it. Like, that's why high blood pressure is this silent killer. Because if you have high blood pressure, you don't really feel it until it's too late or until it's too high. That's being constantly bombarded by something that's doing this slow microscopic damage to us. And for some people like me, I am more sensitive and I can feel when there's shifts in the room. Like I'm holding my bag of rocks right now, feel amazing. And I don't think I've ever been in an electric vehicle before nor do I want to.

Justin Frandson (0:54:53.956)

Lucky you. Well, when, when I was interviewed by Tom Cowan several years ago, I forget what number it was, like conversation with Tom Cowan number 14. He talked about this kind of hitting his radar and his list. One of his clients or patients at that time was a electrician and he was also a surfer and the guy ended up breaking his arm and couldn't get in the water and surf anymore

but he had a metal plate put in his arm. And so he was out of the water, sidelined, but then he had a huge metal rod put in his body, and he started getting all these EMF sensitivity symptoms. 

And so Tom correlated the two, and he's like, you got to get grounded. You're like, you got to get back in the ocean. That's why you're getting all these symptoms. He was so toxic. And when you have more metal, whether it's from tattoos or metal plates or hips or shoulders, or vaccines or fillings or amalgams or what have you, you're going to definitely be more EMF sensitive. 

So you got to go through those detox protocols to flush and get the metals out. And you got to get grounded as much as you can as well. And then a subtle simple protocol that we use for radiation flushing is apple cider vinegar, bentonite clay and protease, which is a proteolytic enzyme. It's a digestive enzyme. And so the three of those together, just recommended amounts every day will help flush all that EMF internally out. 

And then you go through the tapping program with our bags where you tap on the bag and then you cover your eyes with the other hand and then teeth and then upper chest thymus and then intestine area, one at a time for about 20 seconds each. You'll feel your energy shift just as you did, Ashley, where you're flushing your biofield, you're clearing toxicity out of your energy field. It doesn't only get stuck internally with the heavy metal, but it also gets stuck in your energy field.

I mean, Eileen McKusick talks a lot about tuning forks and clearing your biofield through tuning forks sound therapy. She can clear generations out of stuck emotional challenges and such in there. And so, and the other part that I don't want to mention is she talks about the body in the best way. It acts like a body battery where we get a negative charge from the earth's resonance. We get a positive charge from the sunlight, the unpolarized light of the sun, distributes equally in every direction. 

We breathe in minerals. That's why Zach Bush says, hey, get in all these different microbiomes. They're great for you. Hopefully we get it from our food, right? The nutrients and the minerals. And then we drink the water for all that as well, plus the conductivity of it all. 

That's how our body battery works. If we're missing any one of those components, then those are gateways or opportunities. If our eyes get decharged, or our teeth get decharged or our thymus loses its polarity, we become a gateway for disease in the body.

Ashley James (0:58:24.734)

I, a year ago learned how to correct polarity and I've been doing it with my clients. I've done it with just about 150 clients in the last year. And one of my clients didn't even tell me half the things that she was suffering from. She calls me up. She leaves me a voice message. I still have it actually put it in Episode 500. We have a testimonial episode because she gave me permission to share it. And it was so cool. Cause I taught her how to correct her polarity.

And a few days later, she leaves me this message. And I remember when I first listened to it, I had it playing in the car. My husband's driving home with it with our son. And I have it playing and I'm just smiling ear to ear because it was the wildest thing. 

She goes, Ashley, I have to thank you because for the last six years I suffered from, and then she lists the weirdest symptoms and some of them you've mentioned because they're similar to EMF poisoning symptoms, right? Like she felt completely ungrounded. She felt dizzy. Anytime she went near trees or nature, it was weird. She actually had to unground herself. She felt safer when she was in a second story versus near the ground.

She grew a phobia, not a phobia to water, but like water made her feel sick. Things that were healthy seemingly made her feel sick because her polarity was completely reversed. So things that were good were like bad. And she had gone to doctor after doctor and healer after healer for years. And it was feeling so out of whack. She just had to lie down. She'd feel dizzy and weak.

Weird, weird symptoms. I taught her how to correct her polarity. Her polarity got corrected and she goes, it's all gone. All of it's gone. All of the symptoms I suffered from are gone. And that's how powerful it is to correct your polarity.

It's really interesting. Again, you can't see it. So it's like, it's invisible. So a lot of times we are very skeptical around these things, but we understand like, if you took a bunch of metal shavings, right. And put it around a magnet, you can actually see the polarity of the magnet, which is so freaking cool. It's called a torus where the shape comes out of one pole and goes around to the other pole, but it's three dimensional.

But the shavings, obviously, because the gravity isn't going to float. So you're just seeing it two-dimensionally on the table, right? You're not seeing the whole field, but that's our bodies too. We have like a North Pole and a South Pole and we have this, it's called a torus, the shape of the electromagnetic field that's coming out of our body.

Something like way back in the day, I went with a friend. I was like about 19 years old and I went with a friend to this. I don't know how to describe it because there was a psychic fair, but it was a classroom where he was teaching life skills that had to do with more on the esoteric side, but like, here's the science behind it.

And he says, okay, I'm going to show you that you have this electromagnetic field that you actually have. We call it in the new age, we call it an aura. But like in science, you're like, you have an electromagnetic field that we can actually measure. And because we have this energy field that comes out of our body.

And so he took, he took dowsing rods, which again, sound very woo woo, but I'll get to that in a sec. And he was about 25 feet away from this woman. He said, turn your back to me, just stand here on the stage. And he held these metal rods and he walked towards her. And then all of a sudden they move on their own. He's just very delicately holding them, balancing them in his hands. He's not doing anything with his hands and they just move.

And then he talks to her and he shares with her how to pull in and shrink her aura or her electromagnetic field. And he does it again. He shows that it's smaller than he says, now I want you to expand your consciousness, expand your awareness, make it really big. And they showed that she could do it like 50 feet if she wanted to. And then we all got to play with it. And you really, it's so cool because these dowsing rods actually do move on their own when you hit someone's field.

Now I wasn't thinking this was like magic voodoo new age stuff because I had worked with a plumber, we had a septic tank and it was the winter and he couldn't find the septic tank or the entrance to it and so he got his dowsing rods. He said, this is a plumbing tool here in Canada, up in the North, where we have to like find your septic tank in the snow. You grab dowsing rods because anytime there's moving water or a body of water or pipes in your house or electrical, you can find it by holding these two rods and walking across the electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic field will move them for you.

And so I got super excited. I took two hangers, bent them in the shape of dowsing rods. And I walked around my house finding all the pipes and all the wires. Cause it's so neat to have something move in your hands. I can't see it. You can't see the electromagnetic field, but you're surrounded, your entire house. Just like you said, your entire house is surrounded. Your entire house is surrounded with this constant bombardment of electromagnetic fields, whether it's a healthy one, like a water moving through pipe, that seems kind of benign.

But then there's all these wires and the electricity is moving on the outside. That's the electromagnetic field. So, it's so interesting that we have this energy field that is affected by everything around us, but our energy field is not just a few inches from our body. It's feet. It's feet from our body.

And it's part of us because we are electrical, right? God forbid, if you had to go to the hospital, they'd hook you up to electrodes and they'd measure the electricity in your body, whether it be your heart or your brain, to see how it's going, right? To see what's up, to diagnose things. So we don't have electricity running through us. We are not alive.

Do you have any more like science you want to share about the EMF rocks? Do you have any more science or studies or research? Because like the ancient wisdom bringing and then going, Hey, here's modern science to prove that this ancient wisdom, like the Schumann Resonance and we should be at earth potential, actually there's something to it, we can now measure it. There's something to it. I mean, we know we can feel it. But now let's prove it with science. So do you have any more that you can share with us?

Justin Frandson (1:05:07.872)

Yes, definitely. I mean, the first two right out of the gates that I shared are huge tests that I lean in on because everyone will feel the benefits in their sleep. I mean, that's where you'll see it the most. So 3% to 60% deeper sleep, barely and correct and passively up to 91%. I do pH tests and your pH will normalize. So I've done pH tests which is crazy. You go stand in front of a Tesla battery for solar on someone's home. That's right next to the smart meter. And for every minute that you're in front of that, you have to have 10 minutes away from it to clear it out. So it takes a little time to do the test, but the pH paper after you tap on the bags and stand from it, you have a better pH than when you started.

So, we've done med bed tests where you put it on a med bed and it actually grounds it out. We're talking about us carrying more voltage. We're not supposed to carry extra non-native electromagnetic voltage in our system, but most of us walk around with extra six volts or so.

So that's why it's so important to get grounded. So the grounding bags will help normalize that as well. We'll see it on EEG tests,that coherence that we're having, you'll have more normalized. The doctors do their own third-party tests. So I get a lot of results from doctors and just from their own testing to say, hey, one grounding bag kicks out about 70 feet, the five together is better.

Dr. Charlie Fagan-Holtz, who's one of the fastest growing doctors out there, huge following online course. He is amazing. He just upped our time to recharge the bags by putting them on the ground. He said 10 to 20 minutes, once a month before we never even recommending recharging the grounding bags. Cause when the crystals are in solid form, they're ground. And so there's bags, I still have in my house where we haven't re-grounded them. They're still working, they're still effective as long as they're in solid form. Once they lose their form, they lose their function, for EMF protection. But I've leaned in to a lot of the doctors because we sell them all through these doctor clinics, MDs to Chiros to Naturopaths, there's a ray of different doctors, acupuncturists and all, that do their own testing with it. And probably one of the coolest things I just went into the doctor this past week for a chest cold and I was in a toxic environment. I was at a trade show and then an event in Las Vegas for a week straights with secondhand smoke and not grounding, bad lighting, and I got up a respiratory thing. And so I go in to clear it.

And she's like, Oh, you're EMF sensitive. And I said, well, let me show you. The clinic sells my grounding bags. And so I said, go grab a grounding bag. So I went through the tapping protocol and it totally flushed the EMF out of the biofield. I wasn't sensitive to EMF anymore. And she was a new doctor to this clinic, so she didn't know all the protocols with it. She just thought you just passively place it on there. But the other cool thing is it's one of the only products on the market that's an active healing product where you can tap on it and actively flush and 10X your energy. How has you felt so much more productive when you tapped on it and wanted to go do stuff? That's what it did is it upped your energy field. It got the mitochondria to function. It created a coherence with our environment.

And probably one of the biggest messages that I think is the standout message for us in our talk today is having a coherence with our environment because our environment could kill us instantly or it could allow us to thrive. And we have to understand that we're one with our environment as nature.

And when we can get out into it and create that coherence, we're going to recharge our body battery and be able to heal. And it's really tough to heal when you're decharged. So it's one of the first missed steps of getting people to heal is to get outside in nature and reground. And then when we can't get outside, and if you're in the colder temperatures, touch a tree. If you can't go barefoot, hug it if that's your thing. Get into bodies of water. I do cold water therapy all the time in the ocean, no wetsuit, I'm in there for extended periods of time, no matter what the temp is. And so I'm putting the work, you guys, you got to put in the work and then bring that resonance into your home. And that's going to be huge for you. Bring that resonance into your home through the grounding bags.

Ashley James (1:10:27.871)

Now your website, listeners can go to as in, woohoo, it rocks! Also, they're also a bag of rocks. and coupon code LTH. There's a lot of really interesting stuff on your website. You have the tapping protocol on your website. You also have these Faraday bags. Can you tell us a bit about why someone should have a Faraday bag? What are they used it for? I mean, beyond the obvious, like put your cell phone in it, but like, what do you use these Faraday bags for?

Justin Frandson (1:11:01.435)

Yes. So this has been a crazy journey. I mean, literally just over a decade, I've learned that EMFs and how they rev differently than us and how we're one with our nature and because I had some sensitivity, I could feel it. If I had a really watch on my hand, I could feel the pain underneath it. I've had a lot of learning experiences over the years with EMF and what keeps turning into then it's like, okay, how does it affect our body? How does it affect our sleep? How does it affect your hormones? And so it's leaned in on the next topic, which is our privacy and our security, and these cell phones are designed to aggregate all your information at record speeds and send it to artificial intelligence and to learn so they can do surveillance marketing to sell you more products. 

Every app on your phone actually has about one to 15 trackers on it. It tracks your gate, how fast you drive it, knows all your pass codes and your bank accounts and literally everything about you. These phones are tracking at record speeds and learning from you. And so the Faraday bags are awesome because you can put your phone in it and ours are really inexpensive bags are $12 to $15 bags. The blackout ones are over several hundred dollar bags. 

And so ours, when we first made them a handful of years ago they would pretty much black out everything. Well, the telecoms up the signal strength of these devices. And so you're really carrying a high powered router in your hand. That's way over 2.45 gigahertz or waves per second in your hand. And so when I first made them, we test the phone and the phone wouldn't ring inside of them. Now they do. So frequencies go in and out of our Faraday bag. But when you put a positive polarizing charge of a cell phone in a Faraday bag, it squashes it to safe levels. 

And when you put good into it, it amplifies it of a negative charge and amplifies, so it's a crazy deal. But anyway, for purposes of putting a cell phone in the Faraday bag, it not only squashes it to what would consider safe levels, but what muscle testing considers safe levels. So I do lots of applied kinesiology. I've been muscle testing for over 30 some years.

Now, you can test when you're proficient at testing the body's reflexes and energy through applied kinesiology, you can test and showcase how our grounding bags work. But when you put a phone in the bag and seal it, even if the phone's ringing inside the bag, you muscle test strong. Just holding the phone outside the bag, you muscle test weak. So, we know that it's really beneficial for the body just to have it in the inside the Faraday bag and your phone will still ring most likely in it now with them turning up the signal strength. But what it does is it slows down that data harvesting, that aggregation of information. So the life of your battery lasts longer.

Ashley James (1:14:41.654)

Wow. Crazy. Alright, well I'm going to test that. 

Justin Frandson (1:14:49.460)

It's so fun. Yes, it's a fun task and those things are super slick. They're really effective, but we got to slow down this aggregation of information from AI that we're giving away our fingerprints, our palm prints, our retinas, our voice, our face. These are called biometrics. They're our single most unique identifiers and we're giving them away at record speed. So this whole concept is turned into security and privacy. Which I know you're a homeschooling mom, like these are huge, huge parts of our body sovereignty and our freedom that we're giving away at record speed. So the more we can slow down their aggregation of our information, the better off we will be.

Ashley James (1:15:36.336)

Yes, there's that idea of the track tracing and database as all, but I've got a lot of friends who are like, I don't care about doing anything wrong. So what? So they know why I went to Starbucks. So what? My biggest concern is that while it needs to send out these signals every nanosecond in order to track trace and database you, and these signals are harming you. So if the phone didn't do all this tracking, it wouldn't have to constantly send out information. 

We also have like smart meters, which I talked about Robin Openshaw on my show. We had a whole long discussion about how dangerous smart meters are and how unhealthy they are.

Gosh, I'm thinking back and I realized I probably have at least 12 different interviews with experts on EMF over the years. I have one guy who this was back in the fifties, I mean, we're in, the five hundreds now way back and like the first year I started the podcast seven years ago, his name is Sal.

And he's got like, I don't know, two PhDs in electric stuff. He's like electrical engineer, super genius. But he's hired to go around the world. People hire him to go test, just like you test people's homes. And there'll be people who are sick, and they don't know why they're sick. And they have him come in, and he finds out that it's because it's dirty electricity in their home, or the whole neighborhood is messed up because the electricity coming into the entire neighborhood because there's one transformer that's whacked and the electricity could still come in, but it's dirty electricity. It's at such a frequency that it's, it's causing people to literally be sick. And so he comes in and tries to clean everything up. And he says, you know, smart meters, big bad, super big bad. And we're being strong armed into agreeing to have them.

They are sending out constant pulses through the whole house. Like you have, it's similar to if you had agreed to have a cell tower attached to your house. It's sending out pulses through the entire house at your body all the time. We're being bombarded and maybe you don't have one, but maybe your neighbor does, it's just, we're being constantly bombarded. So we have to step up our game to protect ourselves. 

I was sick for many years. If you've listened to my show for a few episodes, you've probably heard me talk about it, but I was sick for many years and that's what really had me doubled down on making sure that nothing toxic came into my house.

If you're, if you're not sick, you just go to the store and you buy whatever laundry detergent that has all kinds of carcinogens, cancer causing chemicals and you just buy the Colgate or the Crest toothpaste because that's what's there. That's what you grew up on or all the commercials you saw and it says, Oh, dentists approved this.

And we just, we just buy whatever's ever on the shelf, like some kind of Arm and Hammer deodorant or whatever. And meanwhile, they're filled with heavy metals. They're filled with carcinogens. We kept coming back to this point of manufacturers make stuff that is going to harm you. They don't do safety testing on their products because there's no approval process for that. And the EPA, 90% of new chemicals and products brought to the market, the EPA rubber stamps anyway. 

I have a whole really interesting interview about that. If anyone wants to listen, I don't remember the name number of it right now, but it's a guy named Andrew. I'll remember it. He's a world's leading expert on green homes and getting non-toxic building materials. He's super interesting. 

It was BMW or Mercedes, I can't remember which one came to him to figure out a solution to make non-toxic adhesives for their vehicles so that they could import their vehicles. Their vehicle that was made in the US so they could import it into Germany because Germany has higher standards than America. A lot of European countries have higher standards and they won't allow these toxic off-gassing glues and adhesives into their country, but they were using them on the American vehicles because there's no standards. 

So, there's a lot of damage being done to us every day because we're breathing. If you can smell something, it's in your bloodstream. If you smell a fragrance, your liver is processing it in 15 minutes. And we're constantly being bombarded. So I was really sick for a long time. I did a lot to clean up my diet, to clean up my life. I got the majority of my health back fairly quickly using natural medicine. And I've been at it working ever since to just be tomorrow I'll be a healthier version I am today every day, every day, little baby steps, every choice I make, what I put in my body, the products I use on my body. I'm going to be a healthier version I am today. 

And, and just like using this bag of rocks, I’m like, how flipping cool. Like if it's 3% every day, I can't wait to see what my life is like in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. And then you sent me, and thank you, you sent me your brand new toothpaste that you just created. It's very interesting. I use healthy toothpaste. I know the look on his face, no one can see him, but he's laughing. And you have beautiful pearly whites, by the way. Listen, if you're a health nut like me,

If you're addicted to wellness like we are, you're going to freak out for his toothpaste. Because what I noticed is it exfoliated my gums, not in a way that made left them raw. I was just like, I felt around my mouth. I'm like, wow, I feel like I just went to the dentist. Like my whole mouth feels really clean. And it, yes, it like exfoliated everything. Like it totally polished my teeth. It's soft enough that it wouldn't hurt it. But it takes off the plaque.

I know you say it's three ingredients, but like one of the ingredients is water, and you can't really count that as an ingredient since I'm putting water on my toothbrush anyway. So it's really two ingredients. And you've got this kind of clay, I want you to tell us a bit about it. And then you've got this very, very light peppermint, and it's actually really pleasant because there's no sweeteners, there's no, and it doesn't.

It's spearmint, but it's just, it's just so, so, so light. It's not overwhelming because all the toothpaste I use, which are all natural anyway, it's like they dump half a bottle of essential oils in it. It's like, here, you're like a little bit of peppermint. Try half a bottle. And usually it's too overpowering for me when I'm brushing my teeth with all these other natural toothpastes and yours is just subtle. There's no bad flavor. It's just, it's a neutral flavor. You got a little bit tiny, tiny

hint of spearmint, so that's wonderful. And then my whole mouth felt sparkling clean. So yes, tell us a bit about why you designed this toothpaste and why is it only three ingredients, but one of them is water, so it's really two ingredients.

Justin Frandson (1:23:05.621)

Oh, thanks. Oh, it's so fun. Well, we hand-mined crystal. So we have access to mines and one of the mines is pink Montmorillonite and we have one of the purest forms anywhere in the world. It's over 85% pure pink Montmorillonite. So just to let people know, bentonite clay is 8 to 30% pure Montmorillonite and we're over 85% pure Montmorillonite. So bentonite clay is kind of like just dirt and it's not great for you. I recommend it for, it's a great chelator, it's really easily accessible, but Montmorillonite is exponentially better. And so it's so mineral dense, that's why people add fluoride and all this other crap to the toothpaste is because there's no minerals in it, so they want to remineralize the teeth. You naturally get the minerals, the essential minerals, calcium and silica and all these natural minerals that you need for your body. And that's why guaranteed you feel like you went to the dentist and your teeth are cleaner than ever, but it's naturally done that way. So we just use Montmorillonite hand-mined crystals and a 300 mesh form. That's toothpaste mesh that's safe and, and smooth on your teeth. And then we add organic spearmint and we have a citrus blend as well. And then just water, so distilled water, clean water, and that charges them and they're amazing.

Ashley James (1:24:41.371)

It was Episode 59 with Sal La Duca. I looked it up. So Sal La Duca, that's a good one. That might've been my first episode diving into EMF. And he had some wild stories. And then Andy Pace Episode 453 on non-toxic homes and achieving a non-toxic home and work environment. If you're ever going to renovate your house or build a house, you've got to listen to that episode. You can contact him. One of my friends that I actually had on the show. And then we became friends. I introduced him to Andy.

And he got him, because his son had cancer and he's now completely cancer free. And his cancer had come back. The first time they did it like half natural medicine, half whatever the oncologist wanted to do. And then it came back and they went to the oncologist and said, if you don't mind just watching and waiting, we want to try it 100% natural. And they were able to get rid of this very aggressive form of childhood cancer in their son the second time 100% naturally. And they realized that they had to spend the rest of his childhood preventing it from returning. And so they went to Andy and said, help us build an EMF safe, non-toxic home, like ground up. And so he helped them choose every single building material. There's only a handful of companies in the world that build, that make paints and glues adhesives with nothing that off gases and he's got access to them. So, so that's Episode 453.

And recently I just published this episode, Episode 514 about Nano Silver. And I want to say if you are looking to add one thing or maybe trade out the water. I would consider playing with nano silver. Maybe trading out the water and adding nano silver liquid. You can listen to my Episode 514, they have something like 50,000 dental procedures done with this nano silver and there's almost no infections. They have major, major dental procedures where they're like removing teeth and or doing implants and the next day there's zero infection, zero pain, zero inflammation because of the power of the nano silver. But I'm really excited about the mineral that's in or the crystal that's in this the toothpaste that you created. Can you say the name really slowly so I can say it? What is it called?

Justin Frandson (1:27:12.184)

It's pink Montmorillonite. And yes, I've actually considered having colloidal silver in it as well. And, the cool thing is, our Montmorillonite is so pure. It doesn't do well with anything else and it doesn't need anything else. So we're just going to probably stay with this for a bit, see how it goes. Maybe in the future we'll add that in there, but right now we don't really have a need for it because it's just so effective.

Ashley James (1:27:45.564)

It doesn't need it. Yes, it is. It feels really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It felt like my gums were exfoliated in a good way. It felt so clean. It felt cleaner than my super healthy toothpaste that I've been using for years. So good job creating this. How did you figure out to create this? Cause if I was mining crystal, I wouldn't be like, aha, I'm making a toothpaste. Like that. How did you get there from there?

Justin Frandson (1:28:16.486)

Well, Montmorillonite's really powerful for a lot of different things. They use it in koi fish, cattle feed. You can drink the cloud water. You can drink water with white in it. It's just so nutrient dense for the body. It's such an amazing healer. You could put it over wounds or spider bites, but the pink's really great for teeth. And so just learning about the crystals and having the history with the owners with these mines we've learned a lot about how the benefits of it and how clear it is. And there's so many, products that throughout the years that we've rolled out the toothpaste one, lean oil, the MCT oils one that helps. Buffer the insulin spiking with glucose from EMF. 

I want to go back to your smart meter talk. Josh Del Sol did a documentary movie called Take Back Your Power. So I want everyone to make sure they watch that one. That one's huge on smart meters. There's sporadic pulses, like 7 to 15 second pulses, multiple bandwidths are receiving and sending every several seconds. So it's just really challenging on our body, but he

first saw everything that's going on and that was about at least 12, 15 years ago when he produced that movie, just unbelievable documentary movie.

Ashley James (1:29:51.031)

Yes, that's the thing. It's like, you feel like smart meters are new, but they've been pushing it for a while. I remember hearing about it 15 years ago and the whistleblowers came out then. And all the utility companies just push forward because it's going to save them money. So as long as it saves that money, it's either, but businesses are in business to save money and make money.

And at the expense of our health. So we just have to remember that all businesses are out. It's like their secondary gain is to destroy the earth and the planet and humanity as long as they make a buck at the end of the day, right? And I know there are ethical companies because it's the person behind the company, right? So that's why I love interviewing these small businesses. Hopefully it won't be small forever, right? Like one day there might be a bag of rocks in every home. Cause it's so cool. And it's also like really neat to have friends over and be like, here, hold my bag of rocks. See how you feel, tap it a few times. What a fun gift, what a fun thing to have. How many? So I've got this big bag and tell us about how we should go about using it. So I've got this big bag. We've so far been sleeping with it and then during the day we carry it into the office with us and just feel good having it near us or we're touching it. How would someone

take the small bag and put it in their pocket and just walk around all day or their purse or their car? Tell us how to maximize the usage of the EMF rocks.

Justin Frandson (1:31:33.949)

Yes, so definitely on we have the full size grounding bag, which is about one pound bag of crystal. Then we have a mini grounding bag. That's about two to three ounces that you put in your purse, your pocket, or a kid's backpack for on the go protection. So I carry it in my pocket. I put my phone on the outside of it. So that's the best way to carry it. It's great for a purse. You can do the mobile Faraday bag with your phone in it. So if a woman's carrying a purse and they have it over their shoulder and their phone would essentially be resting about at their liver area. They could do one or both. They could have their phone inside of a mobile Faraday bag and that would be more of a shield protection. But then to create a coherence, they would have to do it through actually going on and to having a mini grounding bag with them as well.

Ashley James (1:32:35.431)

Okay, so it's good to have a mini grounding bag to carry around with you. What about in the car? Should we have one in the car? So what if they have an electric car?

Justin Frandson (1:32:48.037)

Yes. Seven grounding bags behind the drivers. Seven. It's just like clearing a 2000 square foot house. Yes, so I could literally write a dissertation on driving an electrical car and how bad it is for us and the environment and how much of a storytelling that they've hoodwinked us on. Hey, let's invent a vehicle that we want to reduce the usage of electricity. Let's say it's better for the environment, but you have to use more of that electrical grid to use the vehicle. Just right out of the gates, there's just zero merit behind it. And then we're using coal, cadmium, mining, precious minerals, using way more of the coal to manufacture them.

It doesn't get more efficient when you drive it. You get 18% lower testosterone. I mean, this whole concept behind an electric car is crazy. And the amount of wattages that it uses to charge the thing is extensive. So, I mean, I could go down and talk about this whole topic for literally hours. It's that bad of a deal.

Ashley James (1:34:01.317)

It’s like 12 years of pollution to make one car battery for an electric vehicle. The amount of mining that they have to do, it's just the pillaging the earth. And it's in these countries where there's child labor and the horrible pollution caused by everything they do to get the materials to make these cars. It's such a scam. 

I mean, I love the concept of like, oh, imagine a world where just clean energy, right. And I want that, I want clean energy. I'd love it if we lived a hundred percent off of, I don't know, bio-thermal or something like that didn't have any negative effects on us whatsoever on our health. And this isn't a political issue. I don't care if you're on the left or the right or the middle or up or down. I don't care what political spectrum, whether you're a flat earther or globe person or whatever, this is not about that there's global warming because I'm like, let's just not even go there because it's politicized on purpose to keep us all fighting amongst ourselves. We can agree on one thing, 100% of everyone listening could sit here and agree on one thing, pollution is not healthy for us.

Now, how do we go about diminishing toxic pollution in our air and our water and our soil? That's another thing. But manufacturing something that causes more pollution in order to make less pollution? It's not there yet.

Justin Frandson (1:35:37.677)

And you're left with all these batteries. I mean, what happens to the batteries? They just a flashlight battery, a power drill battery, they don't last for very many years. What about the solar batteries and panels and electric car batteries? They just filling up our landfills with acid with dead batteries. So you have all the waste on top of the toxicity from the mining.

But the worst part is it's so bad for our health, the sitting on that battery. You have all the new cars, it's seven computers in every car at least. So you have a lot of electricity. And then now you have all this dirty electricity from that massive battery covering across the entire floorboard. And then you have all the self-driving capabilities. 

So all the wireless, you have all three electricity, magnetic resonance, dirty electricity and wireless, all of those three at the highest level. And you're literally cooking yourself and families. And to your point about your friends not being able to sit in a car. I can't sit in an electric car. My body aches. There's too much resonance in there. But I can feel that. And these are the things that most people, unless you're sensitive, feel, our bodies, the sounds that they make, I mean, this is crazy. So when that thing's making noise, when it's going forward or reversing or charging, these are the noises that our bodies hear. And these sounds that our bodies hear, plants hear, pets and animals hear. Most humans can't hear that bandwidth. But when I go, I live in Laguna Beach, when I go into our cove, into the ocean and go underwater, frequencies, they travel so well underwater. You can hear them. So I can hear when there's a dolphin in our cove. I can hear when the whales are swimming by our cove. And when there's an electric foil board, Ashley, it's like noise pollution. It's like someone put it on a static radio station and turn the volume up when I go underwater. It's so crazy. 

And from Arthur Firstenberg's work, he's saying they want to have entire internet of things in the ocean to protect us from tsunamis or whatever. That would kill the entire marine life. So we got to really understand the ramifications of electrifying our atmosphere and our environment at the levels that we're doing. We're seeing a lot of people got really sick from it. And keep getting sick from every notch above it. And I feel it's directly correlated from all the work that all these incredible doctors that we've talked that have shared about the environment and us and how we're one with it. I go into a smoke-filled casino and I don't smoke. Like my body's going to say, hey, you're going to adapt to that. So that's essentially how our body works. When you get in these polluted environments, we adapt, but now there's only so much of this we can take. We're already connected. 

They don't need 5G in third world country. They don't even have electricity in remote areas in the oceans, mountains, deserts, forests, pristine areas, third world countries. They don't even have electricity. Why do they need full surveillance and 5G and all that? They don't. They're marketing to sell us stuff to track trace. I feel as well, and to make us sicker quicker. So these aren't always enhancing. There's so much benefit we can get from certain products of it. But I really want everyone to learn what the stressors are, develop proximity protocols to them, and then get grounded by nature and use technology, not let technology use us and get out of this meta universe, like everyone wants to have a smart device on the wrist and say, oh, I did so many steps or oh, I slept good or oh, it's time to eat or whatever or I got this great workout in. Listen to your body, connect to God and listen to your body and how it feels. You'll know so much more. I don't wear a watch. I know what time it is pretty much to the about 15 minutes. Like all day, every day, even when I wake up in the morning by looking outside. Like I know exactly what time it is. So listen to your body, get connected, and your vitality, your health, your performance, all of it will exponentially increase.

Ashley James (1:40:43.320)

I want to go back to the cause, you really quickly went over some major things. I want to go back to the pH changes. To hold a bag of rocks or tap a bag of rocks, something that many of us, I'm sure are kind of laughing at. I know the skeptic in me is like you're a good salesman. You figure out how to make me hold a bag of rocks. To hold a bag of rocks and have your pH change is phenomenal. pH is the measurement of the loose hydrogen molecules floating around, bombarding. So to have lower pH is a way of measuring like the lowered oxidative stress, right? We want to be slightly alkaline. We don't want to be slightly acidic because there's a big difference between the two. Cancer thrives and loves an environment in our body that's leaning towards the acidic side. The homeostasis is slightly on the alkaline side. And if you can do something without putting anything into your body to change your pH. I know with the Platinum Energy System Ionic Foot Spa, we do a pH of our saliva before and after, and all you're doing is drinking water, you're not eating anything, but it takes 30 minutes of that machine and it’ll make your pH go into healthy ranges from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline. That's like a 30 minute foot spa where it's removing heavy metals and lactic acid and other things from the body. And what I love about the bag of EMF rocks is it's not plugged into anything. It's not technology. It's literally what God made us. God made us this earth, here, have a bag of earth and I can feel it. I mean, I'm holding it and I can feel it. So tell us just a little bit more. Can you talk a bit more about the pH change?

Justin Frandson (1:42:55.310)

Yes, definitely. So let me talk about the tapping first. The tapping is huge because when you grab a homeopathic tincture, what do you typically do is they say, Hey, tap on it, activate it to activate the molecules inside of it. That's what you're doing with the grounding bags. When you grab it, you'll tap on it. You're going to start to wake up the properties in there. You could kind of squeeze it, tap on it.

And that'll excite the molecules in there to say, hey, naturally do what you're supposed to do and create a coherence. And when you create that coherence, what's going to change in your body are all the different marker changes at the cellular level. So when inflammation goes down, if your radicals go down, that acidity level will start to change because you get out of the sympathetic nervous system state. When you're in fight or flight, your acidities can be like acidic, like crazy. So when you get back into the parasympathetic, the rest digest, heal, that area where you can start to sleep and get in those restorative sleep, your body's more in a homeostasis. So the body's going to show that in the chemistry of it. It's directly correlated from the energy field of your body. You can't have chemistry without energy. So it's all from the environment. And so when you can get grounded by nature outside or tap on the bags, create that resonance inside, your body is going to adapt and then you're going to see less and less of the symptoms. You won't be as nervous. You won't be as anxious. You won't be as stressed. Like literally, it's such a great calming.

You made the comment that you want to just hug the bag the whole time. And that just really says that your body's wanting to ground a lot more. And that's the benefit of the product. It'll help ground. Now, some other more severe symptoms, like a non-trauma concussion symptom would be like level two EMF toxicity. So they would have nausea, vomiting and rashes on the skin, seizures of grind their teeth down to nothing. I've seen that with clients where their head of the bed has been on the other side of two smart meters. They live in a front and back end unit in CDM. One kid has seizures, the other one in the same room grind their teeth to nothing. It was unbelievable. And the mom's like, we're organic, we're holistic. How does this happen? I'm like, well, this kid is sleeping on the other side of two smart meters. So that's radiation. So anyhow, we got a look at that environment and how it affects our body.

Ashley James (1:45:48.211)

Yes, that's huge. And again, invisible. You can't see it. You can't see the EMF exposure and therefore you you just don't know how much you're being exposed to or how much it's affecting your day to day life until you do something like earthing and grounding and you go, holy crap, I can't believe it. Like, I can't believe my husband did not snore for the last few nights because we had a bag of rocks by his head. Like, I'm never not sleeping with this bag of rocks.

Justin Frandson (1:46:19.087)

Well, I can't claim that it helps with snoring. That's from what you guys, I'll take it, but that's news to us, and that's great. I think definitely getting into the more lucid dreams will really is what we see and hear a lot of and how when you're in such a deeper state, maybe the breathing's just easier, I guess. I don't know if that's happening.

Ashley James (1:46:51.163)

Yes. I don't know. He definitely said he was in much deeper sleep. And I thought that was really cool. Now he's the kind of guy that he's always out of bed before I am. He just bounces out of bed. He needs less hours of sleep seemingly than I do. But since we've had this bag, he slept deeper. He slept longer.

And I think he's getting more of the rest his body actually needs. That's really neat. And even the other day, I said, that's okay. I'll get up and start making breakfast. You stay in bed. And I don't think ever happened in 15 years of marriage. So, it's definitely calming his nervous system. Yes. That's right. You said, this helps to get us out of that fight or flight mode. Well, it's totally doing that with my husband and I've just noticed I'm more motivated, happy, like clear-headed more get up and go like pep in my step so that's that's how reducing the EMF and grounding myself with the this bag of rocks has done to me so I guess it affects you differently depending on how the EMF stress is affecting you, right? And how being ungrounded or having excess electrons, having that excess voltage in the body, how is it affecting you when you remove it, get back to your natural state?

How do you feel at your natural state? And right now I feel motivated, happy. My husband's more relaxed and sleeping better and not snoring because he goes into deep sleep. So it's so cool. Of course, the link to everything that we talked about today is going to be in the show. So today's podcast at Justin, is there anything you didn't get to say or anything you'd like to say to wrap up today's show?

Justin Frandson (1:48:43.215)

I'm just so grateful for you having me on Ashley. Thank you so much for your awareness and your voice to help so many. It's awesome. I want everyone to lean in on their healing journey to look to nature, to get grounded by nature. It's free. Go outside, touch a tree, get barefoot, jump into a body of water, get into nature, breathe that resonance, get in the sunlight. It's healthy for you. It's good for you. And when you're turn your electricity off at night, get a timer on the Wi-Fi router, if you have Wi-Fi. Hardwire is best, but if you have it, get it on it. Get an electrician to get a switch on your electrical panel to turn the electricity off in your bedroom at night when you're sleeping. So the resonance of your bedroom is as close to nature as possible.

That's what we want. That's what we want to bring into our home and our life. And when we can do that, everything's going to be so much better in your world.

Ashley James (1:49:51.963)

Love it, love it. Thank you so much for coming on the show. And if you have any more studies or results or science or anything more in the future you want to come back on and share, we'd love to have you back.

Justin Frandson (1:50:03.839)

Thank you, Ashley.

Ashley James (1:50:05.145)

I hope you enjoyed today's episode with Justin. 

It was amazing, the things we talked about and all those other episodes that I referenced. They'll also be linked in the show notes of today's podcast at, so you'll be able to jump into those show notes once this episode is on learntruehealthcom and you'll be able to listen to them as well. Remember to check out That's, not because EMF rocks, but we want to get rid of the EMF with the rocks. And you can use coupon code LTH to get the listener discount. Have yourself a fantastic rest of your day. 


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Dec 5, 2023

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514: Nano Silver: Nature’s Answer to Microbial Threats

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  • History and Modern Uses of Silver 
  • Divine Help and Hard Work
  • Antimicrobial Gel for Body Odor 
  • Quality and Dosage of Silver Spray 
  • Nano Silver's Anti-Inflammatory and Antifungal Effects 
  • Silver Containment in Glass or Plastic 
  • Nano Silver Ingestion Study Results 
  • Nano Silver Safety in Mammals 
  • Comparing Silver Types for Effectiveness 


Hello True Health seekers and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health podcast. I am so excited for you to hear this episode. This episode is going to save people's lives. This is how important it is. So I'm going to be really quick. Two websites that you got to know about. One is to get Dr Keith's book for free. Now you can buy a hard copy of his book if you wanted to, but he gave his book to the world. It is And then you can use the coupon code LTH at That's If you'd like to purchase the Nano Silver that he talks about today. It's phenomenal. I am so excited. So, without further ado, enjoy today's episode. 

Ashley James (00.45.502)

Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I'm your host, Ashley James. This is episode 514. 

I am so excited for today's guest. I've actually been waiting a really long time to interview Dr. Keith Moller, who was referred to me by Tim James. Tim James, I've had on the show before I've been on his show. It's been wonderful. There's not like someone out there judging and deciding who's the top and who's the second leading expert and who's the third leading expert. But Keith, I think you're up there probably right up there at the very top, a leading expert in not only understanding silver when it comes to medicine, but Nano Silver technology and utilizing it for health, for wound healing, for the immune system. You've been involved in over 400 studies and just specifically around this topic of using silver.

I am so excited to dive into this. I've been using silver, not Nano Silver, but I've been using like colloidal silver, for example, for myself for over 25 years and absolutely love it. And then when I heard that it was kind of trash in comparison to Nano Silver, and it's like a totally different thing in comparison to this far superior medicinally product that we can get and use for our immune health. I was intrigued.

But there's a lot of controversy. There's a lot of misconceptions. A lot of people, you know, saw the blue man on some kind of talk show 15, 20 years ago and decided that, silver was bad for us, that it's a heavy metal, that we shouldn't use it in medicine, or shouldn't use it to help to support our immune function. And of course, MDs like to poo poo anything that isn't a pharmaceutical drug. And so there's just been a lot of misinformation, but considering how many studies, and this is just widely studied, there's so much great information around this. I'm very excited to have you today so you can share with us the benefits of Nano Silver and how safe it is and how effective it is. So welcome to the show.

Dr. Keith Moeller (03:08.264)

Ashley, it's a pleasure to be with you. And yes, we can go over all those things. I have worked for decades with some of the top scientists in the world, MDs, DOs, naturopaths, all groups of people, dentists, really all over the world. 

And what I find is that if you have doctors and groups that like to study, silver is very highly regarded. If you have the old time boys that, I learned it this way, it's gotta be this way and I can't add anything to that, yes, you're going to get nowhere. But if you really want to know about silver and the different types of silver, right? I think when you said, well, colloidal silver is actually junk. Let's do it a little better. 

Let's say that silver is like a piano, right? And with colloidal silver, regular ionic colloidal silver, what you're doing is you're playing with about half the keys. So can it make music? Does it function? Will it kill bacteria? The answer is yes. But it's a lot like a guy who walked up to me and he quoted a phrase that I've seen written a bunch of places and from most of the people who don't know anything about silver, he came up to me and he said, hey, do you know that silver will kill 650 disease organisms? And I looked at him and I said, you don't know the question.

And he looked at me a little frustrated and he said, what do you mean? It's not a question, it's a statement. I said, no, you have to know the question. And he said, okay, what is the question? And he was looking at me, a little like I was trying to be arrogant. I wasn't, I was just trying to teach him something. And I said, well, it isn't that silver will kill 650 disease organisms. That's not the question. The question is at what level, over what time period, with what type of silver can you kill that organism? I said, once you know all of those things, you become really useful. Up to that point, you're just taking a crap shot at it, right? Oh, I have this, I'm going to try this and hopefully it works. That's not the way we do business.

When you're talking about the scientific world and you're working with big institutions, you have to have the background data. If you're going to be successful at something, let's say you're doing a wound care product, which we have, right? We just got approval of the gel in Canada and we'll go over more of that later. But if you are going to make a claim on that, that it's antimicrobial, which that Canadian approval says, it's an antimicrobial and use it for cots, burns and wounds. If it's going to be an antimicrobial and you're going to make a direct claim, for example, on killing MRSA, Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus, you have to know at what level that product will inhibit the growth and what level it will actually kill it.

If you know that, you can design a product that will be successful. And if you don't know it, you may not design the product to be successful. So if you have all that background data, then you're highly useful. Then you can accomplish some amazing things. And silver is incredible. 

I just read an article that was in PubMed. It was called The History of Silver. I actually wrote it yesterday, and I read it again this morning for the fun of it. Other people read books and magazines and that sort of stuff. I like tests, so I read and study. It just gives me a great feeling, and it allows me to get up every morning knowing that I can do good, right?

And so in this, it said that silver had been used for six millennia to prevent infections. That's a history of medicine. It was written in like, what, 2008 at some PubMed. But the fact is, six millennia, we're talking about thousands of years over time, and originally way back before antibiotics and all of that, right?

Silver over the centuries has been used in medicine, as a medicine, eating utensils, plates, cups, food containers, jewelry, money, coins, clothes, building materials, wound care, and as a disinfectant. And now after the centuries, and now we're in the modern day and we are so much better than those past people, right? We have so much more knowledge. We have the internet.

We have access to all this stuff. Now that we have access to all that stuff, silver right now today is being used in medicine, in eating utensils, in plates, cups, food containers, jewelry, money, clothes. In fact, clothes have gone nuts. They're embedding it in all sorts of clothes for nurses and military people so it can eliminate infections. And in building materials. They make carpets out of electricity or out of silver. They put threads in there because in these big computer rooms, it pulls all the static out. Silver is the number one conductor of electrical and thermal energy. And that gives it huge things. But the funny part for me is everything they used it for in the past, now that our civilization is so uppity, we've come so far.

We're still using it for all the exact same things. Why? Because it works. And now we can add to it all electronics and solar panels. Every day, every person that's hearing this uses mass amounts of silver. It's in every connection of your car. It's in the amalgams that they put in the wires that hook the wires together to circuits.

It's an amalgam of silver and other stuff. They use silver because it is such a great conductor of electrical energy. And they think that that's why it has some incredible abilities in the body as well. But all the solar panels, right? Electric cars, the most expensive batteries are all made out of silver. They use lots of it. So almost everything you do every day in the modern world, you're using silver. And it's an industrial metal and they use mass amounts of it. So it's really interesting that people just don't know all the things they do with it. But over time, it's still the same. I mean, you're talking about Aristotle, 350 BC. It's reported and it was in Nature magazine, but it reported that 350 BC, Aristotle was telling Alexander the Great, if you want to keep your men safe, you got to use silver to help keep your water pure. And then at 400 BC, you have Hippocrates, right? I think I love Bill and Ted and their great adventure, they called them Hippocrates.

Right? Made me laugh. But Hippocrates, and I'm not even sure I'm pronouncing it correctly, but the fact is that 400 BC, he describes in writing the antimicrobial effects of silver. He didn't use the term antimicrobial, but he talked about the fact that it would work as an antimicrobial. So the point is, we've known for a long time. And for the last 20, 30 years, we all got away from silver, right? We're still using it everywhere, but medicinally with the advent of antibiotics, people stopped using it as much, right? Before then, actually one of my favorite ones was that in a PubMed history of silver from 2008.

In the conclusion, it says silver is the most important antimicrobial agent before the introduction of antibiotics. So over the millennia, silver has been the most important thing to help humanity control infections, disease, germs, those types of things. Right. And there are literally thousands of products right now.

Hundreds, at least hundreds that are FDA approved silver products for use all over in and around the body. Devices, right? So we're after a bunch of new approvals right now that are FDA approvals on a new product. And it'll be really fun. So hopefully within about six months, we can have another one and go through all of those new uses.

But those are some of the most important things that we can get a handle on in medicine in the US. But the funny part for me is that now antibiotics are starting to fail, right? They are having problems. And so what are people actually going back to? Silver.

Ashley James (14:08.969)

Herbs and yes, looking for natural remedies.

Dr. Keith Moeller (14:13.045)

Yes, so they use a lot of herbs. Do herbs work? Sure. Where do you think the medicine came from? Almost every single medicine was an herbal ingredient before. And then the scientific boys figured out how to synthesize that and make it so it just had that one effect. Usually, they added in a whole lot of bad effects with that. Right?

But they took away the natural part of that and they just use it. So they lost the natural portion of that, but every single one of those that I'm aware of is all from the base of a natural product. But even if you're talking about antibiotics as they exist, right? In nature, they talked about a guy named Collins and Collins was using silver with Antibiotics, right? As an adjuvant to antibiotics, as an immune support with the antibiotic treatment. And what he found was that silver could in fact make antibiotics, and the quote is, ten to a thousand times more effective. So now you have silver helping antibiotics to become more effective.

We actually had a partner do a study on using Nano Silver with nineteen different antibiotics, seven different pathogens. Those are bugs like E. coli and I think there was a yeast like Candida and Staph Aureus and some nasty bugs. Three of them were multi-drug resistant strength.

And what they did was add the silver to the antibiotics to see how it worked. And in fact, out of 96 tests, in 94 of those tests, the silver made the antibiotics more effective against the pathogen. It has the ability to help eliminate the problem of the antibiotic actually becoming less effective. 

Ashley James (16:34.231)

What about if they just did silver? What if they didn't do the antibiotics and they just did the silver?

Dr. Keith Moeller (16:38.837)

Well, that's a different thing. Can you just use the silver? Yes, you can. And, will it work? There's thousands of studies that shows that it does. I have been involved in a whole bunch of those. I've been involved in ones with Texas Tech School of Med. And they're peer reviewed published studies if somebody wants to see them, we can send the copies. But we did one in direct comparison to Betadine. So we used a Nano Silver gel and did a direct comparison to Betadine. And in that study, we found that Betadine, which is used all over in hospitals even today as a disinfectant on the skin before they do an operation, right, to help keep you from getting that infection.

They disinfect the area before they cut into you. And in this case, we showed the Betadine was actually not very effective, that there were a whole bunch of bugs that were resistant to it. And it took a long time to kill. 

In that study, which is peer-viewed and published and available in PubMed, it showed that the silver could eliminate all those bugs, do it within minutes. And then we did a study where we used the silver with the Betadine. So synergistically together, and it worked incredibly well. So could you use it without it? Yes. Do you think you could change the hospitals and all those guys over from using the Betadine?

Probably not. But the reason why we did that study is we said, look, we can possibly bring out a Betadine 2 and then add the silver to it so it becomes more effective. So you have two problems there. One is the effectivity and two is the perception of the people that are working in the medical industry. So how do you make them both happy? You combine those two and that's why we did the study apart from each other and also together. Cause we have a greater chance of actually getting that into the hospitals as a cleanser for the skin, if we add them both together, because then we say, look, this is an improved Betadine that's more effective. And then they'll all go, oh yes, okay, we're good with that. And they'll put it right in. So it's all about knowing how to get something done, right? And trying to help people. I mean, the fun part, Ashley, is what if you got up in the morning and you actually believed that you could change the medicinal history of the world?

Ashley James (19:48.490)

Oh, dream come true.

Dr. Keith Moeller (19:51.026)

Okay? I actually believe that my team and I can help change the medicinal history of the world. And we are. Every day we work towards that. And we've been able to do a whole bunch of stuff that is stunning. And we'll get more and more of that out as we go. But we actually believe we can change the medicinal history of the world.

And we know we're actually doing it. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people over the last two decades, and it's getting more fun. There it is, growing like a weed. And as we get more and more data, it just becomes that much stronger. So we're after a whole bunch of approvals, and those approvals will allow us to do more and more.

And what we see is we think that we're the intersection between the natural products industry and also major med. We believe we can satisfy both. We believe we can make products that meet spec with the natural market that don't have the whole list of nasty side effects, right? Those things on TV, man, they just kill me.

I'm watching this thing on TV and they'll say, hey, use this for your psoriasis, right? And I'm thinking, oh, that's pretty good. They helped that woman get rid of her psoriasis. And then comes on the thing. Okay, may cause you to be blind, impotent, give you diarrhea, and death. I'm thinking, what the heck? I think I'll hang out with the psoriasis, right?

Ashley James (21:48.670)

Right? They call it side effects, but it's not side effects, it's effects. We have to think about that. They like to use language to limit the intensity of it. That's very manipulative. So when you say, oh, may cause these side effects over here that probably wouldn't happen to you, but no, they're actually effects of the drugs. And some people have it worse than others, but you really need to take that into consideration. 

And then drug interactions also cause a whole list of other effects on the body, because these artificial man-made chemical compounds are designed to suppress, to alter, to manipulate the body. Whereas nature, like bringing in silver, it's a complimentary to our body. It's almost like evolution versus creation, right?

 If you believe in evolution, we evolved with this. We evolved over thousands of years with silver, right? Versus man-made drugs that like, definitely did not evolve with this. It's only very recently did they introduce this into our genetics, into our body. And so it's very foreign, right? And from the creation side, God created us to have silver, right? So both sides, we can show that nature

has the answers we need. So I'm on that camp. I'd rather go with the science behind Nano Silver and supporting the body, but these drugs out there, and they're constantly creating new drugs, and you really gotta be discerning and cautious when it comes to anything new on the market, because remember every single drug that was taken off the market for killing too many people

was first approved, right? So we have to just have that memory. 

My mom died from a drug that was approved and then taken off the market while she was in the hospital dying from that drug. So we have to remember.

Dr. Keith Moeller (23:53.128)

Yes, that's crazy. I do have an interesting thing for you. I think you'll like this story. But one day we had a bunch of meetings with some of the top quantum physicists on the planet. And they were having a big meeting in Boston and my father and I were invited. So we're at this meeting and we go through and we'll have some comments about that on another day, but it was a fun meeting.

But at breakfast that morning, my father looked at I believe was the top physicist in the world at that time. His name was Hans-Peter Juer, chairman of the Max Planck Institute in Germany. And my father looked at him and said, Hans. And he said, yes, he said, can I ask you a question?

And he said, sure, go ahead. My dad looked at him and said, do you, as a scientist, believe in God? And Hans looked at him and said, let me explain something to you. And my dad said, OK. He said, all things in the natural world degenerate to their lowest form.

it's the way of science and the world. He said all things degenerate. So he said, if we take steel, for example, we take iron oxide ore and we pressure treat it with heat, we can make it into fine steel. And he said, we've made that into fine steel, right? And then he said, it spends the rest of its existence trying to get back to be an iron oxide rust.

He said it degenerates to its lowest form, but he said, if you look at the Earth and the billions, not millions, billions of systems that all have to work in perfect sync to make this Earth function so we can exist here, he said something or someone is in charge and keeps the Earth functioning at its highest level.

So he said, you call that anything you want. I don't care if you call it God, I don't care. But he said something or someone is in charge and keeps your functioning at its highest level. All these systems stay in concert with each other. And he said, it's not a few. He said, there are billions of intricate systems that make it function. And I sat there and I thought, that is an incredibly brilliant assumption from a scientist, right? So, yes, I believe that we have divine help and I believe that if we search and work, and my dad had an interesting sign on his desk and I loved it and I take it to heart, I still think about it. And I believe I actually have that after he died, I got that sign. But what it says is all things come to he who wait as long as he works like hell while he wait. And I think that's true. That's why every day I get up, I study more, I get into new tests. I have stuff going right now with scientists all over the planet. And it's way fun. I'm working with the dental group. And in the last 16 years, using a silver nano liquid, a 32 PPM liquid and a 32 PPM gel, we have completed more than 50,000 test procedures on people in the dental industry using silver in almost every one of the protocols. So the 50,000 are all protocols that use the silver.

So there are hundreds of dentists right now using these protocols that were developed by this group. And it's stunning because they're getting heal rates of half the normal time. You can pull wisdom teeth, use these protocols that they're doing in these clinical trials, and you have no squirrel cheeks, no pain, no inflammation by the next day. So yes, no dry socket, none.

No secondary infection.

Ashley James (27:47.376)

What about healing from early stage cavities instead of needing to drill or anything like that? Have they had any success with reversing cavities?

Dr. Keith Moeller (28:56.382)

Okay, so the answer is I don't know. I never make up anything, so if I don't know, I'll just say I don't know, I've never tested that. But I did do a paper with a whole bunch of really bright people. I found that if I surround myself with really bright people, great things happen. And so there were a whole group of scientists and myself.

I'm probably the least of those, but I'm lucky to be smart enough to be in those groups. But we did a peer-view published study with Texas Tech School of Med on biofilms in the mouth. And we were able to create a product that could eliminate biofilms. So literally, you brush your teeth at night, you spit it out, but you don't wash it out, you leave it in. Next day, you wake up in the morning, you give her a big kiss and you say, baby, welcome to this world because there's no biofilms, no growth in your mouth. And now they've hooked those biofilms in the mouth to Alzheimer's and to endocarditis and all sorts of other problems. So if we can eliminate that, which we believe we can't and we're in the middle of doing, as we get more and more of that information, we'll be able to save or help save all of those lives.

And it's not like, we're saying, hey, we've done 20 of these, right? So far, we're talking about more than 50,000 dental procedures over a period of probably 18 years. So when we talk about that, do we know what we're talking about? Yes, I'm feeling pretty confident that we're pretty good at that. 

Ashley James (30:43.796)

I have a holistic dentist I go to and he was really excited to teach me about the biofilm of the mouth and not like the regular dentists don't do that. I think everyone needs to just fire their dentist and go find a holistic dentist that uses Nano Silver. My dentist uses homeopathy, he banned fluoride in his clinic, like just really cool stuff.

But the first thing he does when you get into his chair is he scrapes your tooth, puts it on a slide, and puts it on a microscope, and it beams onto a monitor that you can see right in front of you. And you can see all the bacteria that are crawling around in your mouth, and there's  spirochetes and weird things like little squirrely things, and they're all swimming around. 

And then he proceeds to point to each one and explain, okay, this is a healthy bacteria and then, but all these other ones are causing heart disease, dementia and eating away at your skull. It actually causes not only gum disease and gums to recede, the recession of the gums is because they get into the bone and they break down the bone and now you're losing bone as well. It's almost like causing osteoporosis over time.

And if you have dental implants, it's eating away around the bone of the dental implant and it's just disgusting. It's horrible. And that is the biggest motivator.

Dr. Keith Moeller (32:15.490)

So now, if you put that implant in there and use the silver and eliminate the bacteria around that implant, you can now do it so, and let me give you a fun one that I did, right? So we got a call, this dentist and I, from Medical Innovations, PBS. And they said, we heard you are doing this.

And this dentist said, yes, we do that every day all day long. Thousands of those. And they said, well, we would like to film it. We want to see this. And so they brought in a producer. And the guy was a karate expert and had broken all of his teeth. This guy had one of the nastiest I'd ever seen. But they went into a place called LVI, Las Vegas Institute. And the guy in charge of all the operatories for that was a guy named Leo Milan. Incredible implant dentist, right? But he had a ton of experience using our silver in these implants. And he was teamed up with the King Poo Ba of using silver in the dental industry. That's a guy named Andrew Willoughby. And he's out of Canada.

And so Andrew and I and Leo were on this. So they took this producer and they did thirteen implants in one day. Thirteen in one day. And they used all the silver products in that. Day two, no pain, no discomfort, no squirrel cheeks, no inflammation.

So, we actually have been utilizing a Nano Silver serum, and we'll talk about that on a later day, in the bone grafts instead of using saline. And we're getting heal rates of about 20% of the normal time. They're getting bone reformation, and these are clinical trials that are ongoing. And if somebody wants to see them and they ask for them, we can show them a copy, but in this case, we had bone formation reformed and most of the skin, about 80, probably 84 to 90% of the skin, regrown in this clinical trial, regrown actually in five days compared with the average of 30 days. So peer-reviewed type information that's being created and published. We actually published a whole bunch of that data in the one of the top wound care. It's called the Bible of Wound Care. It's out of Springer and they came to us and they said, we want to write a section on using silver in wound care. And they said, we've been over it all this time and we want you guys to do it and there was about six or seven of us, doctors out of India, doctors out of the US, and me and also one of my sons who's also a naturopathic doc. And so we wrote this whole section and we added in there all the dental information. So it is published in the Wound Care Bible. So we actually wrote, I think, 42 pages on the use of silver in wound care, how it's used and we gave all the case studies, right? 

One of those was a horse and they were going to kill this horse because a cougar or something had got it and ripped off a chunk of skin. And the piece was triangular in shape, but it was like a foot by a foot. So it's a huge chunk and all you can see is the meat of this horse's derriere. And they said, look, it's winter, we can't bandage it. It's infected, we're going to have to kill it. And I said, no, what I want you to do is just gel it once a day, every day with the Nano Silver gel. And they said, okay, we really like the horse. It's a family pet, we'll try it. And within three weeks, we had a layer of new epithelialization, a skin layer over the top of that. And then over a period of about four months, that entire piece of flesh re-grew, including the hair with no scarring. We're able to regenerate all of that tissue using just a Nano Silver gel.

And Canada just approved it for wound care, cuts, burns, wounds, right? But they also approved it for skin infections and skin affections. Skin affections is really interesting because that includes stuff like acne and eczema. Those are skin affections. And so in that, we got a direct approval from Canada on that 32 PPM gel to make direct claims, antimicrobial claims, right? Kills these bugs. And we're after those currently in the US, but it's not approved in the US.

So, right now on that gel product, we say it helps promote natural healing. And does it do that? Yes, it does it in a huge way. It cools, it soothes, it helps remove the irritation, it kills the odor-causing bacteria. So if you have a kid in sports, and I was always involved in sports, basically I love anything that's outside, right? As long as you can do it outside, usually you can count me in. But these kids, they come in and all of a sudden, they pull their shoes off, your eyes roll back in your head, right?

And you think that has got to be the most horrible smell I've ever smelled in my entire life. It smells like you've been wearing dead cats. And they're not, they've been dead for weeks, right? And you think, oh my gosh. So then you just take, you put some of this gel on there, wait a few minutes, and you can let him back in the house.

There's literally no problem. And so helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Yes, it's true.

Ashley James (39:38.811)

Could you put it on your underarms and use it as a deodorant?

Dr. Keith Moeller (39:47.153)

Yes, you can. The only problem with that is that it will wash out after a while because of all the sweating. So in surgical hand scrub studies that I did back when at my old company, before we formed the new one, we had done surgical hand scrub studies on a gel and found that we could help keep the skin fully antimicrobial for about four hours. So it works really well. You would just have to apply it a few times a day. It wouldn't stop the sweating. It would just help eliminate the odor, right?

Ashley James (40:30.685)

I love your stories and I could listen to you for hours and I definitely want to have you back on the show because I know there's so much we could talk about. But right now I'm going to dive into some questions. I've been using colloidal silver since probably late teens. I used to go to the health food store. I've always been crunchy. I've always been like a health nut.

And I loved going to the health food store. It just smells like herbs and musky. And you can't find those places anymore, like they're few and far between now that big box stores around, but I loved going in there and they had a huge book. It was like the Bible of Nutrition, massive book, and you could flip through it to find remedies because they were like the staff were a little bit cautious about telling you what to take but the owner was great and I remember going in there with the science infection I'm like listen, I don't want to be on another course of antibiotics like what should I do and she led me to the colloidal silver nasal spray and the Olbas essential oil blend told me about dropping the Olbas into hot water and breathing it in and that's going to really clear everything out and that's the essential oils are wonderful for that. And then you're going to take after you blow all the stuff out of your nose. You're going to take the colloidal silver nasal spray, and you're going to spray it up your nostril as much as you can while you're breathing in, and then do it to the other nostril and do it as many times a day as you can. And I blew out that sinus infection, and ever since then, it's been my go-to. 

I always have this colloidal silver nasal spray in the house. Not that I don't get many infections now that I eat so clean, but back then, I can't imagine how many times I was able to avoid antibiotics because at the first sign of a head cold, I ran to the colloidal silver nasal spray. So I've always loved it, but when you early on in this interview, you brought up the question, right? And the question is also, what's the quality of your silver? Because you brought up that there's different types of silver, and I want to get into that. And you brought up like dosage and timing. 

So, what quality of silver do you have? How many sprays would you do? How many times a day would you do it? And we don't know those answers. It is shot in the dark. Am I going to spray it once a day in my nose? Am I going to spray it ten times a day? What what is it going to take to kill that microbe and it depends on what the microbe is right and how prolific if I go at stage of the infection is so there's so many variables-

Dr. Keith Moeller (43:11.394)

Okay, so let's talk just a second about different types of silver. There's dozens of different types, but we're going to talk about the three main ones, right? So you have a colloidal silver, what's called colloidal silver, and about 94% silver hydrosols, structured silver. These are ones that are actually ionic forms of silver.

One of them calls himself a silver hydrosol, right? Hydro means water, sol means particle. It means literally nothing, but it sounds cool. So if you look at ionic forms of colloidal silver, they do have the ability to eliminate bacteria, okay? The only problem with regular colloidal silver is that there are two major studies out. I can send you both of them if you'd like.

But both of them showed that regular colloidal silver, one, has no ability to eliminate a virus or neutralize a virus, depending if you want to argue whether it's alive or not. It has no ability to eliminate a yeast, and it will start to kill probiotic bacteria at about 2.5 PPM.

So at 2.5, if you're drinking it and it's diluted and it's still at a level of 2.5 in your gut, yes, it can kill probiotic bacteria. Now that's not mine. That study was done by the USNIH and that study was done by like 20 doctors and other guys, but it was the USNIH that did that study. And they tested a number of colloidal silver.

And so that's not me. I don't go with the little argument thing. I'm the guy that says, look, don't give me the BS. Just show me the data. And if you can show me the data, then we'll talk. If you can't show me the data, then don't spew out BS, right? Know what you're talking about or don't waste the time. So in this case, this study says that it has colloidal silver in the form of bionic colloidal silver, which is 90% of what's on the market. Those would include the silver hydrosols, the structured silver. Those ones, like I said, they're playing on a piano and do they work? Yes. Can they help? Absolutely. Do they work at the highest level? No, they do not. They do not have all the keys. You're limited to about half the piano. 

One of the big interesting ones that just came out, and there's a reason why people want to read this new study, but there's a big study that came out, I believe, last December. And that study came out of University of Florida, University of Tennessee, and the University a big one in Canada. And what they found was that colloidal silver or ionic form of silver had no ability to reduce an inflammation, which I always thought that all silver would reduce inflammation. But in this study from six different institutions, eight different PhDs, it showed that Nano Silver actually could eliminate virus and had a very pronounced anti-inflammatory effect where ionic or regular colloidal silver did not. Also, it went into some other areas that we won't go into but let's just say that the paper is produced to show that people in hospitals could actually use Nano Silver to eliminate a major problem that existed in the last few years and still exist, least to a certain extent, still making people's lives miserable. We won't talk about the name of that.

Ashley James (47:43.294)

I think, start to the scene, picking up what you're putting down. Yes. Got it.

Dr. Keith Moeller (47:47.231)

But if you want a copy of it, it's all independent information. It's from eight different PhDs and doctors, six different institutions in both the US and Canada. And it was just a great paper. I read it and I thought, this is like Christmas. I would give these guys a big old kiss if they were here. Not that they would be enthused about that, but it was like Christmas for me because the information they provided was stunning. But one of the big things they said in there, and you could read it, was that Nano Silver could help, and we're saying help, could help eliminate fungal sinus infections.

Now a yeast is just a single cell fungus, right? And one of the nastiest of all the ones that have now dropped into the US is a bug called Candida Auris, A-U-R-I-S. It's probably the most deadly fungus that's hit the world in a long time, but it's spreading. In fact, I think one of the big internet

television groups have a show on it right now, a fungus that wipes out mankind. But this fungus is called Candida Auris, and it's a yeast, right? Which is a single cell fungus. And what they found was that all three major antifungal drugs can't touch it, and don't even inhibit its growth. And yet, Nano Silver, and I have direct data on this, Nano Silver can eliminate it and do it in minutes. I mean, minutes. So I think that what we do is we call it a first line of protection, right? And colloidal silver, does it work? If that's all I had, would I use it? For sure. But again, you're playing with half the keys. So when you go to Nano Silver and there's mass amounts of information and I'm talking, I have one study that is out of Romania. And that study is actually a summary of 430 major studies on Nano Silver that are all peer reviewed and published. And it covers five major areas. And one of them is a hot topic with the FDA. So we won't touch that one. But the other ones were wound care, antimicrobial action, antiviral action. And the other one, well, there's one on there that we won't talk about at the moment. We'll talk about it maybe off air, but the other one was biotissue engineering. That silver has been used in all these things for biotissue engineering. Engineering new things that you could add in. Imagine a skin graft that would heal twice as fast and not be problematic, have less scarring, all of that stuff. Can we do that? Yes, we can. The information and abilities are already here. And I'm actually after that approval right now with the FDA for diabetic culture, septic culture, skin tears, venous taste assaults, or surgical wounds, grafted sites, and device insertion sites.

So we're after those approvals right now and hopefully in the next six months, they'll give us that and we'll be able to add a whole bunch of new keys to that piano and we'll have a much more fun conversation about the data we're producing on those. But at the moment, we're talking about ionic colloidal silver. So it has a few of the keys. Is it bad? No. Is it great? No. Nano Silver is way ahead and there's a lot of different types of Nano Silver. The one that we like actually is a super hybrid of a Nano Silver and it has a coating on the outside. The coating is an AG404. It's a multi-valent silver oxide coating and what that does is it means that it has abilities that no other silver particle has. So regular silver works, the colloidal silver, the history, the 101, right? Now we're talking about base, how does silver function? So silver, if it oxidizes, loses an electron, it wants it back. So by missing one electron gives it a plus one charge.

And so if it comes up against a bacteria yeast, something like that, depending on what type of form it is, but let's say bacteria, comes up against a bacteria, it can steal one electron out of that cell wall. And then it's happy, it's done. So normal silver, like the colloidal silvers that you're used to, are a single shot. They're one and done. They steal each silver ion, steals one electron, and then it's happy in its state. It doesn't, there's no more use to it. So you have to have lots of it to make it function.

One of the studies we did for the FDA was actually a direct comparison between a 32 PPM gel and a 10,000 PPM ionic product that's used in all the burn care units across the US. And we did the direct comparison on that gel for the FDA. We did that against MRSA, the Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus. So it was David and Goliath, but we had to have a direct comparison with a drug that was already approved to get the approvals we're after. And so it was 32 PPM gel versus 10,000 PPM cream.

And the 10,000 PPM took more than five hours to kill the MRSA bacteria in that study for the FDA. The silver gel, 32 PPM gel, had eliminated all of it at the first time check, which was 30 minutes. And we know with further testing, it's about 10 to 15 minutes. But it was 10 times faster than a product that had 300 times actually, I guess to be, if somebody wants to argue with me, 312 times more of the active ingredient. 300 times more and yet this 32 PPM, David just slaughtered Goliath, right? Much more effective. And why is that Nano Silver more effective? Because it has multiple modes of action. Instead of being able to steal one electron, and being done, each one of these little nanoparticles, and they're five to seven nanometers in size, each one of these particles can first steal eight electrons, each one of these. And there's thousands of these molecules of the AG404 around the silver particle. So it can, each one of those thousands can steal eight then it pulls it into the core and it can do it again and again and again. So it's like a self-loading machine gun where everybody else has a single shot. Second thing we found, and it was actually found by a professor named Rustam Roy, right? And Hans-Peter Dürer, that's where I met him. And they were having a conversation. We were talking about work we had done on bubonic plague. It's a bacteria called White Pestis. And people got it from fleas back in the dark ages and it killed millions of people, right? Black plague. And it's a bacteria called White Pestis. And we had done some work on that bug and found that we could eliminate like 2 billion of them. And we could do that in like two minutes. And so I'm sitting there with some of the top scientists in the world and they're discussing it. And their ability to do math in their head was just stunning to me. So I'm sitting there, I'm a pretty young kid, and I'm with these guys. And I'm listening to this conversation. And one of them was saying, look, you have this size of particles, so it means you have this many particles. And it's impossible for those to come in contact with this many bacteria in this amount of time. It can't work. And I just should have shut up, right? I just should have shut up and listened. But I said, but it did. And Rustem Roy leans over, puts his arm around me like a kindly grandpa. And he looks at me and says, Keith, we know it did. You did the test in triplicate. We know it worked. What we're trying to do is figure out how it works and why it worked. We know that it worked, but it's impossible to do what it's doing with what we know. So there's gotta be another mode of action. And then they came back and he said, okay, we're going to put it on a Raman spectrum and a whole bunch of stuff. Long story short, and translating all the science into English, what they found is that this particle actually is embedded with the resonant frequency. The frequency is the same as ultraviolet light.

890 to 910 terahertz. So it can eliminate pathogens in water that it doesn't even touch. And interesting enough, it doesn't hurt human tissue. So there's no negative action on human tissue or cell. None. No cytotoxicity at all. And we have test work showing up to 40 PPM. It won't kill probiotics.

And so in this, Rustem Roy looks at it and he says, we got to figure out what it is. And then a couple of years later, they published a big paper on it and said, okay, we found that this particle works, but we think it's bio-effectivity is because of the fact that it has both this resonant frequency that it emits, and also it has this code on the outside, a superoxide.

So it's not an ionic, it's a superoxide. And the superoxide makes it so it functions like a catalytic converter in your car, right? Your catalytic converter in your car eliminates problem gasses. And you don't have to go in there and refill it. It doesn't wear out, it's automatic. Because that metal, in this case platinum, is in there, when the gasses go through it, the platinum eliminates the toxic part of that. Well, silver does the same thing, but in this case, by luck or by let's call it a gift. By gift, this particle that we created way back when my father and a bunch of other guys, they created this particle.

I believe it was a gift. And we're still figuring out now all the things that we can do with this. So this is a Nano Silver, has more abilities, has a full piano key. And we still are adding new keys to that piano all the time as we work on it. And as we talked about, through this time period and several different companies.

I've been involved in more than 400 major studies and test series, all on this technology directly. So do we know more about silver than just about anybody else? Yes, we do. Is it because we're smarter? No. It's just that we've done more work, so we have more answers. Another one that you'll find interesting is people always argue, and I think it's really funny, they argue about whether silver should be in glass or plastic, right? And you have the old boys all saying, oh no, it has to be in glass. Well, if you actually know anything about glass, that's a bad choice. Because the silver particle we talked about has a positive charge.

If you look up glass, you find that glass has a negative charge. So what happens, and it's not a strong one, it takes time for it to do it, but glass will actually pull silver, or can pull silver out of suspension, where a food grade PET, a high grade plastic, won't. So I had a fun time way back when in my old company, where I first started.

I was working on it and I thought, okay, I have this product that I put on my floor 16 years ago. Liquid, right? Sitting on the floor in a PET food grade plastic bottle, been sitting on my floor by the window, hot and cold for 16 years. I pulled it out, had it tested for microbial abilities on yeast and bacteria, E. coli and Candida and it eliminated them at the same level as it did the first time I'd tested them. Almost exactly the same. There was literally no significant difference. And it had been sitting on the floor in a food grade plastic bottle for 16 years.

So it's highly stable, much more stable. I had a guy I was talking to, he said, I have a great silver. And I said, that's fantastic. He said, but, he said, I have to use it quickly. And I said, why is that? He said, because it falls out of suspension in like three weeks. And I said, I have news for you. You do not have a good silver. It's not a good product. It's highly unstable.

And that brings up the third type of silver. So you have the Nano Silver, we talked about that. You have the ionic silver and silver hydrosols. And then you have these silvers that have tons of silver in them, right? You find one and some guy will say, well, mine's better because it has 5,000 PPM in it, or it has 500 or 250, right? They'll say it's much better because it has more and more is always better, right?

Well, we answered that question with the test we did for the FDA, right, that we already talked about. More is not better. Effectivity is dependent on the type of silver. So what happens with these products is that they're ionic forms of silver. And ionic forms of silver are inherently not stable. They fall out of solution. And so what happens is somewhere way back when somebody said, look, I wonder what would happen if we bound that to a protein. So they bind it to a protein. It's kind of like your mom who used to make jam, right? She'd put in Knox gelatin, which is a protein, into the juice and make jam out of it. And it'd make it stable and keep it suspended. And it wouldn't go bad. This is the same thing. So they bind the protein to the silver ion and then it mucks up the silver's ability to function, but it makes it stable. And so you have to have a ton of silver in there to make it useful. And again, you're talking about antibacterial, not anti-yeast, not antiviral. You're talking about antibacterial effects, but you have to have a lot of it because you've mucked up its ability to function because you added the protein to it, and now it's bound up in that particle. The interesting part is we found with this nanoparticle with the AG404 coating, we found that it was semi-bound to the water molecule. And so we could boil it, we could freeze it, and it would remain suspended. That's why we can make tons of products that nobody else can make. Because if their products get boiled or frozen, they fall apart. Ours does not. It stays suspended. So we have the ability to make gels and other products that literally nobody else can make. And we can do that because this particle is so incredibly stable. I mean, somebody came up to me and said, why would I have silver in my house, right? Why do I want to buy it? I said, well, let me ask you a question. 

I said, there's nobody more important to me than my family and friends, right? We all just went through a major problem. I said, what do you have in your house right now that you can use as a first line of defense? I said, last time it happened, and I think it's going to happen again, I think it's going to be worse. But I said, last time it happened, we know that the hospitals were overrun. It was hard to get in. We know that a lot of medications were no longer available because the plants in China had shut down or they weren't shipping them or they weren't allowing them to be shipped in because the containers were contaminated with the virus. So I said, what do you have in your house right now as a first line defense? I said, if you have to go to the doctor, you go, right? But what if you can't get in there? I said, I can't bear looking at my family and not having at least something that I can try to help all the different situations with.

Ashley James (01:07:31.751)

That's natural. It doesn't have side effects. It's shelf stable.

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:07:36.288)

Exactly. And he looked at me and he said, Oh, I see your point. I said, yes, the liquid lasts a long time. I said, the gel, you're good for three and a half, four years. I said, so you'll use them up, you rotate them. There's thousands of you. So I use that gel every time I go shopping. I just put some on my hands as a first line of defense.

Put my hands in my face. I have people that gel their whole kid before they send them to school. We were involved with ingested and injected studies up to 5,000 milligrams per kilogram showing that the gel had no negative effect. It's not cytotoxic, won't hurt probiotics, but it has the ability to do some really great things. It makes your skin intensely soft, it's cooling.

If you get something like your skin starts to itch and you put it on there, it just soothes that in a flash, a few minutes. So as a first line defense, those two products I think are probably the two biggest that I have all over in my house. And I have to constantly refill them because people are always coming by and pilfering them out of my house.

They found that shopping at my house was a lot cheaper than shopping elsewhere. And so I have to restock it. But the fact is, it gives me and my family a first line of defense, right? And some people say, well, I didn't know how to use it. I said, okay, so for my doctoral thesis, and I freely admit, I had out from probably 2000 doctors, MDs, DOs, naturopaths.

And we came up with about 100 protocols for exactly how to use silver. It's a general use book. Doesn't talk about any specific silver. Doesn't talk about any product name or anything like that. And so I wrote it for my doctoral thesis. And then after I got my doctorate, I converted it, made it into a book. I sold thousands of copies. And then I thought, I don't need to make money on this. What I want is people to have access to the data. So if somebody wants to use it for something, let's say you have an eye infection or an ear infection and they have a certain product, whatever that product is, how would I use that, right? What do I need to do to know something about how to do that? So in the first part of this book, I put in all the information or a whole lot of information on the different types of silver, what they are, how they are, how they function. And then the last two thirds of the book is who's who list A to Z of about a hundred problems that a family can have, including emergency water purification and hard data as to how much you would use over what time period to accomplish what it is you're trying to do. 

And then I thought, okay, so how do I make this available to people for free? So I put it on a site, the and there's no names on it, no product names, no nothing. It's just a book to help people understand what and how they should do to help give their families a first line of defense. Gives you about a hundred different ways to utilize the products or silver products in general. So it's there, it's free, And you know, Ashley, if anybody has questions, I'm happy to answer them. The FDA came up with the rule and they actually wrote it and I memorized it. If you go to

It says that if somebody has an off-label question for a product, you can answer it, but you have to do it on an individual basis. You can't do it in a big group, right? So if somebody asks us, you and I, on an individual basis, for an answer to a question they have about silver, they can just ask us. There's about a 99.9% chance my team and I can answer that question. And we're happy to do it. If I don't know, I won't make up gibberish. I'll just say, I don't know. And if I do know, I will not only answer it, but I'll put the report on there so that you know where the data came from.

Ashley James (01:12:38.959)

So I have a Facebook group for my listeners, a Learn to Health Facebook group, and I could ask them, what are your questions? Like after listening to this episode, it was there, do you have a question that wasn't discussed? What's your question? I could collect all their questions anonymously, and the next time I interview you, we'll be able to voice their questions and discuss them.

Does that sound like something we could do?

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:13:09.507)

For sure. And as long as they're not asking me cure questions, which I can answer in private, we can answer those. There's one other study before we finished. There's one more that we have to talk about because it's very apropos right now. And we didn't do the study. It wasn't done by us. It was done in three different countries. And it is so cool. But what these guys did was they got 231 frontline doctors in the middle of COVID and they did a study. So 231 doctors. The control group was 117 of those doctors and the treatment group or the group that was doing the testing was 114. Now, these are doctors that are in the hospital treating people with COVID every single day, right?

And we can talk about this one because it's not an FDA claim, it's not a treatment claim. What they did was they rinsed out their sinuses, nasal rinse, with the Nano Silver, just like you were talking about doing earlier, right? You washed out your sinuses, you squirted it in there, you washed out your sinuses. So they were using the Nano Silver, they washed out their sinuses, and they gargled with it. Doesn't say they swallowed it, just says they gargled with it.

Now, the amazing part is that out of the 117 who did not use the Nano Silver, right? Did not. 33 of them got COVID, 28%. Okay? Of the ones who didn't use it as a treatment, but just use Nano Silver as a nasal rinse and a gargle, two got COVID, 1.8%. So was it perfect?

It was not. I haven't found anything that was perfect. Was it incredibly good? Yes, 1.8% compared to 28%, right? If somebody wants a copy, I'll give it to you. You can post it on your site, cause it's not a claim. It's an independent study on Nano Silver, and it was done in three different countries. So multi-centered, great, human clinical trial all with frontline doctors. So as a nasal rinse, I think there is nothing better at this time than the Nano Silver liquid to just rinse out your sinuses, not an FDA claim. Just rinse it out and help keep yourself on the open up.

Ashley James (01:15:54.265)

So, obviously they were doing it preventively. They didn't wait to get sick. How many times a day did they do it?

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:15:59.541)

Okay, so I believe it was twice. I'm trying to remember, but I believe it was twice a day.

Ashley James (01:16:06.077)

Yes, that makes sense. So like before you leave the house, it takes you 30 seconds, spray it up your nose and slosh with it and then go about your day, come back home from work or school or wherever you've been out in the world, do it again. 

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:16:20.883)

And do it before you go to bed. Yes, do it before you go to bed so that nothing has a chance to grow overnight. Just rinse it out, wash it out, right? And can you do that with all your kids? Yes, will it hurt them? It will not.

Ashley James (01:16:35.419)

Oh, it doesn't sting?

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:16:37.095)

It has no stinging, unless you're infected, it has no sort of stinging, nope. So let me give you another little piece of info. So a guy comes up to me and he says, look, he says, I will use silver outside my body, but I won't use it internally because it's a heavy metal. Do we have a little more time?

Ashley James (01:17:01.171)

We have as much time as you have. I'd be here for four hours if you want to be. I'm on the edge of my seat. My jaw's on the floor. I know my listeners are loving this. Let's dive in. As long as you have, as long time as you have, I'm here.

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:17:17.307)

Okay, well, I don't want to go forever, but I can go for hours and hours and hours, but we'll keep it down to a couple, right? Okay, so this doctor comes up to me and he's an MD and he says, I won't use it internally. And I said, why not? And he said, because silver is a heavy metal. I said, silver is not a heavy metal. He said, silver is a heavy metal. I said, not a heavy metal. He said, no, silver is a heavy metal. I said, look, we can keep arguing all day long, or we can go to a referee. He said, who do you suggest? I said, not who, but what? He said, okay, what do you suggest as a referee? I said, the Merck Manual, M-E-R-C-K. And I said, the Merck Manual is kind of like the Bible of Science and Technology. He said, I know the book, I'm aware of it, everybody in medicine knows the Merck Manual. I said, okay, would you accept that?

And he said, I would. I said, great, you just lost. He said, what do you mean? I said, if you go to the 17th edition, you go to page 1880, I said, second paragraph, table 226-1, it will give you a list of all the heavy metals that cause nephrotoxicity or heavy metal poisoning. And I said, silver's not one of them. I said, interesting enough, copper is. Interesting enough, iron is. Salt is a heavy metal and can build up and damage your kidneys. 

Nephrotoxicity means that it's toxic to your kidneys, right? Over a time period, it can build up and damage your kidneys. That's what heavy metals. Everybody knows mercury is one and lead is one. Most people don't know that Pepto Bismol  is one, right? It's a heavy metal. Can build up in your system. 

So he said, I'm not winning this. I said, no, you already lost. I said, if you want to go to the 18th edition of the Merck Manual, the newest one, it's page 2022, again, second paragraph. I said, it'll give you a full list. I said, many doctors think that silver is because of silver nitrate. Silver nitrate started being used in the late 1800s to cure stuff like typhoid and anthrax and stuff like that.

They found that silver nitrate was one of the few things on the planet that could eliminate those pathogens. But silver nitrate is in fact included as a heavy metal. It's not because of the silver, it's actually because of the salt, the nitrate. So silver is not a heavy metal. There's no nephrotoxicity. It doesn't damage your kidneys. And the only problem people have with silver

is actually, if you consume huge amounts of it over a very long period of time, and it's ionic form, you can get what's called Argeria. Argeria is the blue man effect, right? The blue man effect is where you drink so much silver that your body can't get rid of it fast enough. And so to get rid of it, it's non-toxic.

To get rid of it, your body walls it off in your skin cells. And then when you get in the sun, you tarnish like your grandma's old silver teapot. And you're turned blue. And you're blue forever. It's a permanent thing. Is it easy to get? No, you really have to work at it. It takes a lot. So I wrote the paper and it'll be published shortly.

But I wrote with a whole bunch of other doctors a paper on Nigeria. And the data, if you look at, one of the questions is people ask, how much can I safely take every day, right? How much can I drink? Every day for my entire life. The EPA put out a document and I memorized all this stuff, right? It's turning, I lose names in a flash, but I can remember info page and paragraph and I don't know, it's a gift. We'll just be happy that I have that portion of it, right? But the EPA put out a document called the RED Document, Registration Eligibility Document for Silver. On the second page, on the fourth paragraph, it states that the EPA, and this is by, actually by Interveneous Action, it's about four or five times this level, if you're talking about ingestion.

But in this intervaneous action, it says that you can safely consume 0.005 milligrams per kilogram of body weight a day, every day for your whole life. So if we translate that into English, what it means is that the average sized adult could safely consume about an ounce a day of a 10 PPM silver product of any type and have that being deemed completely safe for every day of their entire life. So about an ounce a day is what they have. Now remember this is not a toxic level, this is the amount that they deem completely safe, right? So an ounce a day every day for your entire life you're good to go. You can never get Argeria. Now let's push it a little farther.

There's a peer-review publication from Rustam Roy, a man of Penn State, number one material science lab in the world. And in that paper, he explains that you cannot get Argeria from Nano Silver. 

Nano Silver, no matter how much you drink, cannot build up in the system because it's not metabolized. It's not a chemical form. Ionic or regular colloidal silver is actually a chemical form and can build up in the body over time.

So the thing about it is that Nano Silver, he said is not metabolized, can't build up. And so we wanted to test that theory. So in my old company way back when, we went to the University of Utah, we hired five or six different drug divisions from the University of Utah to do a human ingestion study on a 10 PPM and a 32 PPM Nano Silver liquid, right? 

Every day, an ounce a day, every day. And 56 humans. And what they found was that there was no negative action at all in the body from the ingestion of that silver, none. They tested the metabolic, the hematologic or the blood, the urinalysis, they checked the urine, the sputum, the spit, they did MRIs on their chest, they did MRIs on the abdomen, and what they found was that Nano Silver could not build up. What they said is if you drink it, it hits its height in your blood in two hours, washes out completely in 24 with no residual. It goes in, does its job, washes out, and it doesn't stay. So it's impossible for it to build up.

Ashley James (01:25:08.954)

What about if you nebulized?

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:25:11.160)

Yes, so nebulized, there's a whole bunch of studies. But now you're talking about something that's pretty fun. So I've worked with a group of veterinarians for probably the last 15 or 20 years. We'll say at least 10, 15, right?

And one of the studies that we've been doing over that time period is that race horses, when they run, they get an exercise induced infection in their lungs and it causes their nose to bleed a little. And so what we have been doing for the last decade, and it's going bigger and bigger and bigger all the time for the reason that I'll tell you in a minute.

But what happened in that was that we started nebulizing the horses, right? About 100 a day. And what we found was that they could run faster. It's not because it's a stimulant, but because we're cleaning up the infection in their lungs. So this is a direct mammal study, large mammal study, and we've been doing it for more than a decade for sure.

But the fun part is I generally think that betting gambling, is for people who are bad at math. But in this case, 70% of the horses that are nebulized with this Nano Silver particle finish in the money.

70% and it's being used by some of the top trainers that two of the big ones in California every day, about a hundred race horses. And this year we started with the barrel racing groups, right? Cause they were worried about the health of their animals and all the exercise and they were worried about the exercise induced infection. And so in that they started nebulizing them and they found that it could cut almost a second off their time. 

Okay, now that a second doesn't seem like very much, but when you consider that in national barrel racing, between number one and number fifth place was less than a second. So the difference between winning and taking fifth place, less than a second. 

So, nebulizing it. Has there been any negative action over the decade of using it in mammals? None, none at all. So in the study that I quoted you earlier out of two major institutions and the one in Canada, they were using Nano Silver in humans for utilization on that virus, which will remain nameless at the moment, and they were nebulizing it.

Interesting enough, they included sinus infections in that. So if somebody wants that data and how it worked, because I can tell you that exists, I think they get upset if I tell you what the date is on that at the moment, but I'm not going to, but it's available should you want to read it. Okay, so the answer is nebulizing it, is it safe? Yes. Does it have any negative effect? It does not. In that human ingestion study, they actually tested the lungs of the people. Because there's a certain amount of silver that you drink, consume, that's actually exhaled through your lungs. That's one of the modes of it being eliminated from your bodies by exhalation. Well, the horrible part was for these poor people, but they're being paid, right?

I think that study at the time and that company cost us about 350,000 bucks to show not what silver does, but what it doesn't do, right? But in this case, they stuck a swab clear down in these guys' lungs to check for cytokine storm action. And that means negative action, inflammatory action in the lungs. In fact, they found none. 

And in a study that we did with USNIH and it's published peer-reviewed and it's on bird flu, one of the most deadly virus I've ever seen. And we did that study with them as an ingestion study. They had tested it and found that it actually had an anti-inflammatory effect on the lungs. So not only did it not cause inflammation, but it helped eliminate inflammation in the lungs, which also is probably a reason why it works so well for horses. Now, can that help a runner? haven't done runners yet, but we have done horses. And if you're asking me, have I nebulized it? Yes, only for about probably 10, 15 years.

So does it work? I believe it works very well. Is it safe? Yes.

Ashley James (01:30:58.262)

I purchased the Nano Silver. I was sold back when you and I spoke over the phone, to switch from my store bought Colloidal Silver that is just like you said, half the piano. It only kills bacteria and it also wipes out my microbiome if I drink too much and which, I want to protect my microbiome. 

That's why I don't run to antibiotics. I'm also like allergic to almost every antibiotic out there, thank God, because I'm not trying to put anyone down, but I think it's the easy way out to just run and get an antibiotic. And we don't realize that actually every time we take antibiotics, we're increasing our chances of cancer. Dr. Joel Fuhrman talks about that a lot in his books and shows the data in his book. So you can go check out Dr. Joel Fuhrman's work to learn more about that. It's not just, oh, I need to take a probiotic and then I'm fine. It actually takes up to two years of, with intention, working to rebuild your complex microbiome of thousands of different healthy bacteria if you've had even one course of antibiotics. So I used to be chronically on antibiotics. This was a good 15, 16 years ago.

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:32:22.111)

Which explains why you've had sinus problems, so.

Ashley James (01:32:25.117)

Right. Yes, exactly. Exactly. I was just wiping out my microbiome and then getting sick again and then wiping out my microbiome and it was on and on and on. And so now, when I’ve finally learned, that whole idea that knowledge is power, like knowledge guides you to make better choices. And that's why the Learn to Health Podcast is here. Cause I want to help give the information to those who are sick of being sick and this is going to help guide your choices. You're going to make better choices because you have more information. Like our parents did the best they could with the information they have and now we're going to go and seek this new information and we're going to make even better choices because we have the information we have now. So I switched to the Nano Silver and I recently had a bronchial infection which

I don't get sick as often since I started eating healthy and really working on my health, the building it up for the last 12 years. So I was really surprised that all of a sudden I didn't know where I get this bronchial infection. I had just bad bronchitis and I went to my herbs at first, I went to my normal stuff and then I ordered the Nano Silver and I nebulized it and it really, really helped. Homeopathy also really helped me within 30 minute turnaround with the proper homeopathic remedy after working with my homeopathic doctor.

I found the Nano Silver quickly brought down the inflammation and brought down the congestion and brought down like everything got noticeably better. And I was really excited, but in the back of my mind, I remember reading somewhere a doctor saying, don't nebulize colloidal silver, it'll build up in your lungs. And again, Nano Silver is not colloidal silver, two different things. Nano Silver doesn't build up in the tissue and is safe to nebulize versus colloidal silver.

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:34:27.735)

Even with colloidal silver, I have never seen any documentation anywhere that said it would be deleterious or build up in your lungs. The only thing that I've ever seen negative action that could possibly come from colloidal silver, right? The only one is that you could get Argeria. It's too low in PPM to be toxic. It's not going to be toxic to your system. The only problem is that it does kill probiotics, right, which screws up your microbiome, but it is not going to damage your system. It's not going to hurt your lungs. I've seen no proof of that at all. And like I say, I read everything I can get my hands on. There's no toxicity associated with that at the levels which it's been used.

Ashley James (01:35:26.396)

If I drink Nano Silver every day at a healthy amount, could I wipe out or like I should say reduce because we still want candida in our system. We just want it usually 90% less than we have. Let's say I had some candida overgrowth. Would drinking it every day help my body reduce the candida to healthy levels? Would it help?

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:35:51.336)

Okay, so let's answer this in a different way. All right, so you have a parking lot and you want to put a whole bunch of good cars in there, right? And we're talking about your microbiome. You have all of this bacteria and it's helpful bacteria, probiotic bacteria, you need it. Without it, you die. It protects your throat, it protects your skin, it protects your gut, and it functions to help you be able to metabolize foods and so forth. 

In your body, I've heard it estimated that you have about 12.5 billion probiotic bacteria. In fact, one scientist told me, and I haven't been able to check this, but he told me that every time you go to the bathroom, your fecal material is as much, 50% of that can be dead bacteria that are probiotics. So they divide about every 20 minutes. So they multiply. But let's say that you're having a gut issue, you have irritable bowel, you have something like that, right? You're taking probiotics and you're saying, look, these aren't working. They're not working because the parking lot is full. You can't park anything in there.

So what you have to do is empty the parking lot of all the old junkers, and then you can park your Tesla in there, right? Or your Mercedes, or whatever it is. You don't want it full of these junkers that are taking up room and causing problems. So you have to clean that out. So if your question is, do I believe that silver can help remove that? The answer is yes, I absolutely believe that silver can help with the microbiome to help make it much more healthy. 

Now we did studies and we published some studies, my partners out of India actually published the studies showing that this Nano Silver did not hurt the probiotics. So the potential there is to be able to empty the parking lot and at the same time rebuild it.

You have the kefirs, you have yogurts, you have probiotic pills, there's tons of them. There's some good ones out from microbiome labs. There's a lot of different types that you can get a balanced portfolio of probiotics for your gut, right? But you have to be able to have room for them to be in there.

So if you're asking me, do I believe that the silver can help empty the parking lot of the problematic ones so that the good ones can grow? Absolutely. I've seen people who started using it as a supplement and we're specifically talking about as a supplement to augment the immune system, which helps all of these problems, but as a supplement for the immune system.

I've seen them be able to mitigate stuff like irritable bowel in two or three weeks because they're able to get the probiotics to be built back up again. Now your body can do that. It just takes a while. And if you've talked about antibiotics and I believe I don't use antibiotics. Most of the time they're actually prescribing antibiotics for something that's either fungal or viral, which they have no effect on whatsoever. So I think very limited use. If you're really sick and you're going to die, should you use it? My opinion is yes. But you don't use them as a first line. You don't go to them. They're not the thing you go to, right? There, I see it as more of a life-saving thing. You use the other things as your first line of defense. And then you almost never, or even hopefully never, have to use them at all.

So I think the point is that, yes, you can damage your microbiome in a huge way by using a lot of these drugs. They're highly toxic to these bacteria. If they're designed to kill bacteria, they don't have the ability to decide what bacteria are good and what bacteria are bad. I have a bunch of people that says, okay, so why doesn't this type of Nano Silver kill probiotic bacteria?

And the answer is, well, we have a number of studies that show that it doesn't. We're still arguing amongst ourselves as to why. Some think that it's because pathogens, most of them, have one or two cell layers on the outside. They're very unprotected. Where probiotic bacteria actually have like three different cell wall layers. And so they're actually more hardy, but it doesn't mean you can't kill it.

So one theory is that the silver is actually not making it in there. And the other is that it just doesn't pull it in. So most cells will not pull silver in. When you ingest silver, most of it will not be pulled into your cells. It gets pulled in into fat and other things if it's regular colloidal silver. And silver in nanoform is not, it stays separate, it's not metabolized. So it goes in, does its job, washes out most of it, probably better than 90% of it comes out through your fecal tract. So it's going through that system where all those probiotics are. And can it help eliminate those? I'm sure it can.

Ashley James (01:42:01.690)

You mentioned Nano Silver affects the biofilm in the dental, over 50,000 dental procedures that you guys have studied or done as a collection of dentists. What about the biofilm in the gut where the Candida has created a biofilm? It's like its own fort, it's like Fort Collins, but like in the gut, like it created a whole fort and that's the biofilm and that's where the bad stuff lives.

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:42:31.129)

Okay, so let's talk about what a biofilm is. So some pathogens, a whole bunch of different ones, have found that if they cover themselves with a slimy layer, stuff can't get to them to kill them. They're really good at mutating, right? And there's a ton of bugs that have developed this ability to get biofilms. And most stuff won't touch a biofilm.

I've never seen any data that showed that a colloidal silver could eliminate a biofilm. Never. There are no drugs that I'm aware of that can penetrate a biofilm and kill the underlying bacteria or pathogen. So what they have is they have this cover on the outside. Now we did three different studies. One was a dental one. One was a pathogen one on MRSA and VRI and

another really bad bug that is really problematic for burns, it's called Pseudomonas. And these are all biofilm forming pathogens, right? 

With Texas Tech School of Med, we tested all of those on the biofilms and found that the nanoparticles could, in fact, penetrate and kill the underlying pathogens. So we have three different peer-reviewed published studies. Published just means that what you have is, and peer-reviewed means that you did a study, and then you wanted to tell everybody that your study was great. So what you do is you take that study, give it to a whole bunch of other doctors, and you say, okay, look this over and see if you see any problems. And if they don't, then they sign on, and they say, okay, you did a great job, this data is useful. And that's called a

peer review. 

So you're having a bunch of peers, scientific peers, check the study to make sure it's useful and that its calculations are done correct and all of that. So these are peer reviewed and then published in major magazines studies. And so in all three of those with Texas Tech, we showed we could eliminate biofilms with this Nano Silver technology. And so in the dental thing, it's pretty easy. And we'll get to that with the new toothpaste we're working on, right? But what you do, if you brush your teeth at night and you spit it out, but you don't wash it out, you leave it in, right? Next morning you wake up, you have no growth, none. It's still clean. There are no biofilms. So that tells you, without the big scientific paper and all that, that it works because that's never happened. I would bet that every day of your whole life, you woke up and you had bad breath and you had morning breath and you had gunk on your teeth, biofilms. Well, this has the ability to eliminate that. And we showed that in this big peer review publication with Texas Tech. And I think you'll have access to that shortly. But it's just a really cool tech. And if you want to know if our tech works and if you want to know if it works on biofilms, yes, in one night, you'll know, right? You'd lean over, you give them a big kiss and you say, baby, welcome to this world. And their eyes don't roll back in their head. They don't faint because of the bad breath because there isn't any. It breaks the biofilms. So does it work? Yes. How does it work? We believe that it works because of resonant frequency.

This vibration that it puts out actually travels through the biofilm and kills the underlying bacteria or pathogen. Can we prove that? Have we decided that that's it? No, I haven't seen any proof of that. The proof is that it does it, does it every time, and we have three different publications on that. So the question is not whether it can do it, the question is how it does it. And we believe that it's a resonant frequency which can penetrate through the biofilms and kill the pathogen that the nanoparticle actually never touches.

Ashley James (01:47:00.299)

Are there any cancer studies?

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:47:02.975)

You are now on a very hot topic. And let me just say that there is a whole section on data that's available. And it's in that peer review that I talked about out of Romania that I can give you and you can post it. So I believe in the next four or five years, we are going to make a very dramatic impact on the cancer industry.

It might take us as long as 10. We've been producing data, which we won't talk about, for the last five years with a whole bunch of partners. And I think we're going to publish that. I talked to them about being ready to publish. We have data on 15 different types. And we will publish that data but somebody said to me, so how will you use it? I said, no, no. I said, not the right question. He said, what's the right question? I said, look, there's two major things. Can you affect a cell that's gone AWOL? That's the first question. Can you affect it? Can you kill a cancer cell? That's the first question. The second question is how to utilize that to do it. How to get it to that cell. We're on the first one. And do we know the data is available? Absolutely. Do you want to read some? Sure. There's a ton of published data on it. And it's available in that one study that I told you about earlier. It's the one I skipped because it's a hot topic. And it will give you a whole section on probably dozens of different studies which has used Nano Silver and its impact on cancer. Okay, so we're not making any claims there. We're just saying there's data available. If you want it, you can read it, not difficult. The part that we're working on right now with all these scientists from around the world and that I've been working with for five, six years, we're working on, can you? And remember how I told you the questions? How much, how often, how long? That's what we're working on, how much it takes. And we found that it takes different amounts for different types.

Ashley James (01:49:50.181)

Yes, that makes sense.

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:49:51.457)

And so what we're trying to figure out is, okay, do we have enough if we use this and this amount over this time period? And so can we is what we're working on now. How to, I figured there's, hundreds of thousands of really intelligent people out there. If we give them the data, there's thousands of people who will figure out how to do it. And that'll just be, I think.

You do some things because you can make money and you do some things just because you want to be a help. And I think we do well by doing good, right? And the more good you can do, the better off you are. And so our goal is to do well by doing good. And we believe we do a mass amount of good and we know that we do and we have documentation. It makes me feel good when I get up. So it's not anything compared to where we're headed, but I am really excited. In 2005, my father and I got a call from US Congress. And they said, we hear that you've been producing data on malaria in humanitarian efforts in Africa.

And we said, that's true. They said, will you come and give us that data? And we said, no. We said, you're asking us to make claims we can't make in the US. We can make it in other countries. Cause at that time we actually had approvals to be able to do it in some portions of Africa. And they said, look, we make those rules. We'll give you a pass. We want the data. And so, my father stood, I was next to him, in front of the US Congress and gave him all this data. And they wanted data on HIV, on TB, number one cause of death by infection in the world, TB, and malaria, second leading cause of death by infection. And we gave them all the data. We told them how long, how much, exactly how much they needed, how long it would take to mitigate it.

And then they made all that data public. We still can't use it in the US because it makes claims we can't make. But Congress released all that data. If you want to read it, yes. I have the address in the congressional record where they made all that data public. But somebody said, “Hey, can you prove that it actually does anything?' I said, well, other than the fact that we have published peer-reviewed human studies, on HIV that are public data. We have data on H5N1 bird flu we did with the US NIH. We have mass amounts of data on malaria and numerous other things. We have data on probably 10 different virus, bird flu, swine flu, H1N1, H3N2, H4, there's another one in there. There's data on monkeypox, there's data on big peer-reviewed published paper on RSV that they're pushing right now. Huge problem in kids and adults, RSV. Can Nano Silver affect it? There's a whole big published paper on saying exactly who, where, what. If they want it, can I send it to? For sure, they just have to request it. So I think the fun part is that the old silver BS stuff is gone, I hate the gibberish, right? Either show me the data or don't give me information. And I think that there's so much data being produced all over the world and so many uses that are incredible that if you look at mankind's history, right? We're having problems, so we're going back to it. If you want to read something fun, now this is really pretty fun. I was looking at all the problems and what I thought was going to happen in 2010. And I wrote that on page 23 of that book. So if you read that book, Silver: Nature’s Natural Healer from the Silver Use Institute. Read page 23. One of my employees came up the other day and said, did you realize you wrote this in 2010? And he started calling me Madam Cleo. And I started to laugh and I read it and I thought, yes, wow. There was some insight that I didn't expect to be given the world, but I did in the book of what I thought was going to happen and how it would happen. It's crazy, but you should read that just for the fun of it.

Ashley James (01:55:22.912)

Oh, I will. I want to make sure listeners know where to get the Nano Silver that we know. I mean, it's a wild west out there, right? So anyone could slap a label on a bottle, put some liquid in it, and say, come buy my Nano Silver and it's an unregulated industry, we don't have the FDA needing to test everything good for us.

I don't want the supplement industry to ever be regulated in that way because they would wipe out everything and only let pharmaceutical companies make stuff. It would just definitely remove choice, but it's still the wild, wild west. We have to go with companies that do third-party lab testing that prove what's in the bottle is in the bottle, that back up their product. They have a track record. They have history. They have data and studies behind what they do. That's why, I'm going with the one that you guys work with.

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:56:28.276)

In this day and age, we have the internet, right? People can have information in a flash. And if somebody's blown BS, the easiest thing is, show me that. You said this, show it to me. If they can't show it to you, then we call that defined as scientific gibberish, right? It sounds scientific, but it's actually useless.

And there's a lot of them. I heard one the other day that said, I said, well, your product actually is ionic. And they said, no, it has nano clusters in it. I said, I'm looking at your data. I see nothing in here that shows anything about nano cluster. And they said, no, there's nano clusters in it. And that's because we've been putting out so much data on Nano Silver. They were just morphing into becoming nano from a very small ionic, right? 

And so the answer is, you can always say, show me the data. There's abilities to get information like never before. The blessing of being able to do research in seconds is stunning to me. I had a question the other day and I just looked it up and I had like a hundred reports and I thought that is the coolest thing ever. 

When I was a kid and that was a long time ago, because I'm old now, I'm 63, right? I actually had to look all that stuff up in the library and books. And once it's written in books, it's old, right? So you're not dealing with the latest, greatest.

Ashley James (01:58:09.558)

Right. I remember going to the University of Toronto Reference Library to get information. I'm 43, but I still, I'm at that wonderful age where I remember what it was like before the internet and you had to go down into the bowels of University of Toronto Reference Library and the dusty and that smell. I love the smell of books and libraries.

Oh my gosh, and now it's so simple. I don't have to get on three buses and go all the way downtown and go in the bowels of a library. I can just type it in and scan documents with my eyes and capture the information and then listen to interviews with experts and immediately have access to books. I just love it. 

So I want to let listeners know how to get the silver that is proven. The Nano Silver,, use coupon code LTH. I'm so glad I can always get a great discount for the listener. I definitely want to have you back because we're going to have lots more questions, but my final question, what about those people that say they make their own silver at home?

Dr. Keith Moeller (01:59:24.770)

Okay, so home brews, that's also a section in the book. Most of the cases of Argeria that I've ever seen are the home brews. And do they work? Yes, they probably work to a certain extent. There are clumps of ionic silver, mostly it's large clumps, and it's pretty gnarly. It's kind of like saying, the difference between what we do and that is kind of like saying, okay.

I know that aphrod comes from white willow bark, so I'm just going to chew a chunk of bark. You know, will that work? Probably, if you get enough of it. Is it the best way to do it? Probably not. In this case, the home brew, if you're using it for outside your body, I think you're good. You have a couple problems. One, and we've tested a lot of them but most of those are an ionic form of silver and that ionic form is in big clumps, it's stuck together and it can build up in your system pretty bad. And the second one is almost every case of Argeria I've ever seen was almost always home brew. 

But don't get me wrong, these guys most of them are the opinion that if a little is good, a lot is great. And some of them are drinking like a gallon a day, right? And the other problem with home brew is, it goes back to that question, how much over what time period to help eliminate the problem. In this case, you don't know what the part per million is. You have no idea. You're just taking a guess out of it. And you have no idea what kind you're actually creating and what it looks like or what it does. 

There's no test data because every single time you make it, it's different. And usually when we make a silver product, we use a four and a five nines pure silver to embed it into the water. And our process is crazy long. It takes us on like even at 10 PPM takes us about 30 hours to embed the silver into the water. And we use a four and a five, nine silver. So you understand what I'm talking about. 

If you have sterling silver, right? Sterling silver is about 70% silver and 30% other stuff, right? Can be whatever, brass, copper. But when you sell silver as a coin, it's a 3.9 silver. That's the standard. And what 3.9 means is it's 99.9% pure silver, right? And the silver that we use is actually a lab grade silver, which is a 99.99 or 999% pure.

So we get the purest form of silver we can do. It costs us a lot more money, but then we know that we're coming up with the product we want that's the right level at the right timeframe to be able to do what we're trying to do. If it's a wound care product that's in Canada, back there at the University of Toronto, I can tell you every single pathogen and how long it would take for this silver gel at this level to eliminate that pathogen. So I know we'll have success because if you know what the pathogen is, I can tell you exactly how long it takes to eliminate it.

So, and the other big thing with the Nano Silver is we can actually tell you that it can eliminate it. Whereas with an ionic or a homebrew, you don't know what you're getting. You might be getting a lot, you might be getting enough, you might not be getting enough.

How do you know, right? You're taking what we call a crap shot at it. And you know, if that's all I had, would I use it? Yes, I would. Is it the best? No, you're back. So where a colloidal silver has about half the piano keys to play, a home brew has about 10% of the keys, right? 

So do they work? Yes, but the music you can make with it is very, very limited. Colloidal Silver, you can make a lot more music. The Nano Silver with the AG-404 coating. Oh yes, you have a whole orchestra.

Ashley James (02:04:16.520)

I just love that Nano Silver doesn't build up in the tissues, that it doesn't disrupt the microbiome and like you said, you keep adding keys because you keep seeing other uses for it. And I am so excited for the day that we can see it being used in oncology. Really, really excited. I was just imagining the mechanism of action, like taking Nano Silver.

Dr. Keith Moeller (02:04:41.602)

Okay, so you know that silver's been used in oncology for decades. So the gels, and we can talk about those gels because they're wound care gels, like the one that I'm talking about, this product in Canada can be used on the radiation burn site. So where you're in treatment, can you use it? Yes, you can. You use it on that treatment site and it will eliminate the pain, the inflammation, the redness. 

In Canada right now, we can make direct claims on mitigation of even like sunburn. Nobody has a product that makes a direct claim on mitigation of sunburn. I'm hoping by next spring, we can do that in the US and I think we'll be able to. With a little luck, we produced all the data. It's already been filed. We're just waiting our time and seeing if they come up with any problems, which we don't think they will. 

But hopefully, right, we have that done. But with that approval, yes, we could use it on catheters. That's a device insertion site. Eliminate the bacteria on catheters while they're in, and that would eliminate UTIs in older people and elderly care. It would be a very big deal.

And that's one of the uses that we've already tested. We know works. And we're up for that approval. The use, potentially even on condoms as an antimicrobial, that's a device insertion site. So there's a whole lot of that stuff that we're currently working on that has the potential of really changing the medicinal history of the world and eliminating mass amounts of problems. 

The number one bug in the US is still MRSA. That's one that raises the most havoc in a hospital. Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus. And the gel, the gel data that we turned into the FDA, shows that it's about 15 minutes. Not a problem. 

Ashley James (02:06:57.878)

Kills it, wipes it out in 15 minutes. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. I'm so excited to have you back on the show. We're going to keep this discussion going. Listeners, please go to the Learn True Health Facebook group and join the discussion. I'm going to create a thread so we can start collecting your questions for Keith. And also, if you don't have Facebook, I understand that. Just email me,

Go to, use coupon code LTH, get the Nano Silver for yourself, if anything, just store it and hold on to it for a day and a time when you may need it, right? It's because it's shelf stable, which is so exciting. 

Dr. Keith Moeller (02:07:42.833)

Yes, it'd be way better if you learned how to use it before that problem gets there. 

Ashley James (02:07:49.169)

Right. Yes. We can get your free book, the and go to page 23 for fun reading. And I'm going to make sure that the links to everything we talked about today with Dr. Keith Moeller on my website and in the show notes of today's podcast at learntruehealth.comThis has been wonderful. And normally when I wrap things up, I ask, is there anything you didn't get to say? And I kind of think we'd start talking for another hour if I did that, but I want to have you back on the show.

Dr. Keith Moeller (02:08:19.851)

Oh yes, make a note, next time we'll get into tests and studies I did with William Boma Army Med and the Special Operations Medical Association. After I worked with them for a while, eliminating problem bugs that they had in the Middle East, they actually made me an official member of the Special Operations Medical Association. So I've been adopted.

They liked me enough, they adopted me into that group, which is some of the coolest people on the planet. These are the guys who are in charge of keeping all of their people alive and well, and who end up running back onto the battlefield, right? To save people who've been shot. And they're running into fire to help people who've been hit. And I mean, these guys, they're nuts, and they're like the coolest people on the plane but I did a lot of work with them. We can talk about that on another day.

Ashley James (02:09:19.533)

Yes. And I've got a note also to talk about Nano Silver, in terms of mixing it with bone graphs. You said at a later date, we'll talk more about this, the data.

Dr. Keith Moeller (02:09:30.351)

Yes, I'll tell you the case studies, the pictures, you can see them. And that work is actually in Canada, now it's traveling across the whole US. I think we just signed up a group of 1,000 dentists to do these clinical trials. 

Ashley James (02:09:49.563)

Awesome. I'm going to make sure my dentist listens to this. So hi, Dr. Beer. I'm going to tell him he's got to listen to it. So now I've got a shout out for him. I'm going to get him to listen. I also have a story and I'll share it next time as well. My husband's grandfather, who was a professor at Cal Tech at the same time as Einstein, we have a picture of him with Einstein, super neat that my mother-in-law as a child got to meet Einstein. He came over to the house in Alta Dina and had dinner or something like that. But he was a German professor who came over here and had invented, for personal use, he shared it with friends and family, but he invented a powder and these two different kinds, one for internal use, one for external use, and it contained silver and he used it to him and his whole family. 

So my mother-in-law grew up doing this, not getting on antibiotics because anytime they had any problems they used this type of silver. I'll get more information and share more, but it was really interesting. They called it the black powder, go get the black powder. And they'd rub it on a cut or they'd gargle with it. And then boom.

Dr. Keith Moeller (02:11.08.203)

Okay, so you know my favorite Einstein quote, and I think it is so perfect. He was so intelligent. But he has a quote that says, if we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research. That's my favorite Einstein quote. If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research.

Ashley James (02:11:32.539)

That's really good. And we have to remember that science and research is about discovery. And also about admitting, finding out we were wrong or finding out new information. And it's this whole idea the last few years, the science is settled. The science isn't settled. Science literally is not settled. That's not the definition of science. It is constantly learning new things, finding out we were wrong or finding out some deeper information, getting the complete picture on something. Right. 

Dr. Keith Moeller (02:12:01.167)


Ashley James (02:12:02.601)

There's no science that's settled. That's like, that's crazy. Right.

Dr. Keith Moeller (02:12:04.937)

It's a moving object, and hopefully you get much better at it. Hopefully you're continuing to learn, but there's always more. There's so much more.

Ashley James (02:12:16.673)

Right. And I'm so excited to explore that with you the next time you come on the show. Thank you so much, Dr. Keith Moeller. It's been such a pleasure having you here. And I know listeners are going to go to, use coupon code LTH and grab your bottle. And tonight I'm using it as a rinse and I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning, jump on my husband and breathe on him or we're going to do that little experiment.

Dr. Keith Moeller (02:12:42.215)

We'll get you an experimental version of the toothpaste and you can try that. That's the big thing. So we're bringing out three different types and we'll work with that group on those, but one will be a cinnamon, one's a mint, and then a bubblegum berry for the kids. But that's the test and that's how you know it works.

You're getting that kiss first thing in the morning, and it opens up all sorts of new opportunities, right? Ha ha!

Ashley James (02:13:12.965)

I'm sorry, I don't even have a dog, but I hate dog breath like on dogs. And I wonder, cause like the end of the pet industry, could you just add the Nano Silver to their water?

Dr. Keith Moeller (02:13:23.166)

You could, but you can't do the toothpaste because the toothpaste has xylitol in it and xylitol does bad things for dogs, but humans, it has the ability to eliminate a bunch of the pathogens that are gram negatives in the mouth. The other thing we put in, and we'll talk about it later, is we added a coral calcium, and that is expensive as all get out, but it's harder than the plaque, softer than the enamel.

So the theory is you can scrape the plaque off the teeth and not hurt the enamel and then the xylitol and the coral calcium rebuild the teeth. They remineralize the teeth.

Ashley James (02:14:05.433)

Nice. And then of course the Nano Silver is in there decreasing inflammation and wiping out the–

Dr. Keith Moeller (02:14:13.370)

Working with the Xylotoph. Yes, it worked incredible. Yep.

Ashley James (02:14:16.377)

Yes, working with it. Yes. Getting rid of the biofilm, wiping out the bad bacteria while not harming the good bacteria. So, oh, exciting. Thank you, Dr. Keith Moeller. It's such a pleasure having you on the show and I can't wait to have you back.

Dr. Keith Moeller (02:14:27.184)

Have a great one. Thanks for your time.

Ashley James (2:14:29.018) 

I hope you enjoyed today's interview with Dr Keith Moeller. We're definitely going to have him back on the show. He dropped a few really cool topics that I can't wait to follow up on.

As we discussed in the interview, if you have questions especially after listening to this, I'm sure I'm sure everyone does and you want Keith to answer your questions specifically. Jump into the Learn True Health Facebook group. I'm going to create a post there for all your questions for him and then, when I have him back on the show, I will go down the list of all your questions. I'll make sure it's anonymous and I'll start asking the questions and say these are from the listeners and let's start picking his brain, because, man, it's so sexy when a scientist or a doctor or an expert, has photographic memory and he might not remember your name, but he could tell you what's on paragraph three of page 10 of the 47th study published in 2012 on Nano Silver. How cool is that? And so let's collectively pick his brain. 

After our interview, he got to tell me some stuff off air, that he's not allowed to publish yet, he's not allowed to openly discuss because he's going after FDA approvals. But hold on to your seats. It is as exciting as you can imagine in the realms of I'm just going to name some hints major disease that is in the top five of killers and something that, no, you wouldn't want to wish on your worst enemy. Hopefully you don't have any enemies, but you know the saying and major results in that area. Very cool. So they're doing some huge studies around that and it's going to turn the world in a good way, up on its head. It's going to completely shift how medicine is practiced and he's figuring out how to get it into the hospital system, get it into being widely accepted and used in products that the hospital uses, get it to be accepted. I mean, the studies are the sciences there. You'd have to be a complete pardon me, but like moron of a doctor to keep your eyes closed right, to not see what's in front of you. 

But it's not up to the individual doctors to change the broken medical system right. It's going to be up to all of us to force the hand of the broken medical system because, even though it's broken on our end, it's actually not broken on their end, on the end of those who profit from it. They're keeping it this way on purpose at every level, because it profits them. 

And for those in socialized medicine like Canada and the UK, think about it this way it's about saving money. Saving money comes before saving the patients, and making money comes before saving the patient in in systems like the United States. So every single medical system is broken. I've had several experts on recently talking about that and what we can do is vote with our dollar, educate our individual doctors and make those choices by getting the doctors that best support us and that will look at the new research to be with us and to be on our team. 

You'll definitely want to share this episode with your doctors. I know chiropractors are already on board, like the second you share it there's a very little resistance that they have. Medical doctors have a bit more resistance because of their indoctrination. And a really good medical doctor when they realize they become self aware and they realize the indoctrination that they went through was designed to profit big pharma, and again, I am folding my tinfoil hat as we speak, I'm handing them out to all of you. 

I know I sound like a cuckoo bird, however, when you just look at how the system is run, it's unfortunate that this is what we're in, but I'm going to scream it from the rooftops. We can build a better system. We just we have to first know, know your enemy, know what you're up against, and then choose the the aspects of the system that best supports you, which, in this case, are doctors that are willing to listen and look at the research. So Nano Silver amazing, amazing benefits. I love that there's so many studies and there's so many applications and I see a day where it's being used on every level in medicine. 

Can you imagine how much of medicine would shift if all infectious disease, both chronic when I say chronic, like HIV, aids, those kind of things like chronic infection right, if we could have a world where all chronic and acute infections were not a problem, naturally and that the treatment did not harm us in the process. That's what Dr Keith's working on and that's what the studies show that we have. We have an amazing tool and it's just the beginning. So thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for being a listener and sharing this episode with those you care about. 

Jump into the Learn to Health Facebook group to join the conversation and give me your questions for Dr Keith let's pick his brain next time he's on the show. Be sure to check out and use the coupon code LTH. I just love that I can get a discount for you guys and go to to download Keith's book, and if you have any questions for me, I'd love to hear it as well. Can't wait to see you in the Learn True Health Facebook group, but if you're not on Facebook, please definitely just email me, I'd love to hear from you. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for listening and have yourself a fantastic rest of your day. 


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