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Jul 7, 2017

Holistic Weight Loss

Achieving The Right Weight Loss Mindset

So many of us are battling with weight loss. Some have found the journey to be harder than others but my guest Byron Morrison shows us that weight loss and maintaining our weight is doable, as long as we have the right mindset.

I have guested Byron Morrison on the show in the past where we also touch on the topic of weight loss, so I’m glad to have him back on the show. He’s my inspiration.

Most of us lead busy lives and tend to neglect the kind of food that we eat. And when we are not conscious of what we eat, our health takes a nosedive, and our productivity suffers.

Bryon Morrison efficiently helps people to achieve weight loss goals without starving or slaving in the gym.

Unhealthy Past

Years ago, Morrison was 50 pounds heavier. Hence, he often didn’t want to leave the house. He had no clue how to eat healthily or how to exercise.

Then his dad was diagnosed with cancer. That, he says, became the eye-opener to take good care of his health and achieve weight loss.

Then Morrison studied nutrition and eventually got qualified as a personal trainer. A few more years down the line, he wrote his book so he can help a lot of people.

“I wanted to show people that weight loss is achievable and it is all about balance,” said Morrison.

Yo-yo Weight Gain

I have been on several diets through the years, and although I would lose some weight, I tend to gain it back.

“The biggest thing in successfully keeping the weight off is to have the right mindset. You have to change your relationship with food. So it becomes an endless cycle,” Morrison explains.

Furthermore, Morrison says metabolism then slows down, so people find it hard to make the weight stay off. Starving yourself destroys your metabolism.

Until you get to the bottom of why you crave food, losing weight is always going to be a short-term fix. Morrison is so against dieting, so he tells his clients that they are not restricted from eating anything.

“We teach them how to shift their mindset regarding their relationship with food. Once people learn not to eat on impulse, they will naturally cut down on sugar intake,” said Morrison.

Four Fundamentals

Morrison recommends this four steps to help build a good foundation to weight loss:

  1. Eat vegetables every single meal.
  2. Drink more water on a daily basis.
  3. Walk more on a regular basis.
  4. Get more sleep.

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgeries do more harm than good. The problem is, we have limiting beliefs where we convince ourselves that we’re going to fail and there is no point trying.

“I think weight loss surgeries are ridiculous. There are situations where it is essential, but many people are doing it, it does more damage than good,” Morrison said. “Our bodies have incredible healing mechanisms, so you have to give it time to heal.”

Troubleshooting Tips

Morrison says it helps if you keep a food diary to jumpstart into training yourself to be in the right mindset. Monitor everything you eat as well as your feeling at the time you ate or drink something. Once you recognize the link, you could remove the trigger points.

If you need to have something sweet or have any food craving, have a glass of water first and wait 15 minutes. There’s a good chance the cravings have passed.

“It takes your brain 20 to 30 minutes to recognize when you’re full. The key is not to act on impulse,” advises Morrison. “Make small changes, so you won’t feel you’re depriving yourself.  That’s how you listen to your body.”

Once you break the trigger of acting on impulse, that’s when you start taking control of your relationship with food. Don’t let the food control you.

Morrison also said that the reason why people have such messed up relationship with food is that our lives are so stressful and we tend to feel the food is the only thing we can control.

He also relates a story wherein there was this one lady who did this over and over for a few weeks. Apparently, her eating habits improved a lot aside from weight loss.

Another one of his female clients claimed she couldn’t do diets. But Morrison says that first of all, you have to accept that you don’t have to be perfect. Don’t be scared of failure or judgment.

He also advises that when you find your weight plateau, do not panic. Do a food diary again to re-assess food portions and calorie intake.  Aside from that, increase exercise.

Eating Socially

Morrison says if you know you’re going to a restaurant or a party, plan. Have a look at the menu beforehand.

Avoid fried foods. Order appetizers or a snack beforehand so you feel full. Hence, you’re less likely to binge. At buffets, if you have to go back for seconds, get vegetables.

Become A Better You

Morrison’s book has a holistic approach to improving your well-being. Rather than just looking at diet and exercise, it discusses all the factors involved.

This includes your mindset, managing stress, how much rest and recovery you get, improving your relationship with food. It’s not about being perfect, but rather it’s about being better.

“A lot of people expect motivation to happen for them. But they need to recognize that they are their motivation,” Morrison said. “As soon as you start and push yourself, that’s when the motivation will come.”

Byron Morrison is the Author of the book ‘How To Be Healthy’, as well as the founder of Tailored Lifestyles Coaching. His work is all about helping as many people as possible live healthier and happier lives by taking a holistic approach to losing weight, becoming more active, managing stress, as well as improving wellbeing.

He is qualified in nutrition and weight management, REPs level 3 personal trainer, behavior change coaching, nutrition for sports and exercise.

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